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In the feudal system, The Emperors are the ones that rule over a certain country, And everybody in that country has to do what the Emperor says, But in reality the shoguns use the Emperors as puppets because the shoguns come up with all the ideas, The shoguns are the military leaders. The role of the Emperor is to be the leader, And there role is to be the shoguns spokesperson because the shogun comes up with all the ideas, So like i said the emperor is the shoguns puppet. The feudal system impacted the Emperors in a more good than bad way because the Emperors got put at the top of the social role triangle, Where they get treated with the upmost respect, Compared to the Peasants, Artisans, And merchants, They are at the bottom of the triangle where as they are only needed to make food, clothes, Pottery etc.... So they aren't treated nearly as well as the Emperors are. I got all my information from what I've learned



Created with images by Thomas Depenbusch - "Wuxi, Jiangsu - China" • WikiImages - "emperor china chinese" • air0820 - "Kim_Hyun_FinalBeauty"

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