Kelsey Park in Beckenham WILDLIFE IN A LONDON PARK

Kelsey Park in Beckenham is a London park where there is lots of wildlife to see. The wildlife is used to people in the park so it is easy to approach wildlife and photograph it without it being scared off. My favourite time to take photos at Kelsey Park is either when it has been raining or when it looks like it is going to rain. The cloud gives a diffused light which is good for photographs and water on the ground or on the feathers or fur of the birds or animals adds interest to the photo.

Grey Squirrel in a Tree

Squirrels are absolutely not my favourite animals. There are a lot of them in Kelsey Park and many think that they are cute. I regard them as pests. Rodents which climb trees. They are photogenic.

White Mute Swan

There are a number of white mute swans in Kelsey Park and they are particularly aggressive to wildlife on the lake in the centre of Kelsey Park. At this time of year there is a pair of mute swans which have nine cygnets. The mute swans are particularly aggressive to protect their young.

Black and White Mute Swan Silhouette

I do not normally take photos in black and white but I particularly liked the shape of this mute swan against the ripples of the water in the lake and the overhanging trees.

Juvenile Moorhen

There are lots of moorhens in Kelsey Park. There are some very young moorhen chicks. This is one of the older juvenile moorhens. it has the traditional shape of a moorhen but does not have the distinctive black feathers or red and yellow beak.

Neck and Beak of a White Mute Swan

This mute swan was near the bank of the lake trying to get food from a lady feeding the ducks. He got particularly aggressive as the lady tried to ensure that the ducks got the food at his expense. Mute swans do get very aggressive when they do not get their way.

Pet dog being taken for a walk in Kelsey Park.

There are lots of people who take their dogs for a walk in Kelsey Park. I took this photo of someone's pet dog.

Grey Squirrel Climbing a Tree

One of the many grey squirrels in Kelsey Park climbing a tree.

Some of the most colourful and attractive ducks to be seen in England are the non native mandarin ducks which have settled. This is one of the ducklings. They are not so colourful but have the distinctive shaped head and beak of the mandarin duck. Not sure whether this duckling is male or female. I think that it is a male duckling. As with most birds, the male of the species tends to be the most colourful.

Adult Moorhen

This is an adult moorhen with its distinctive black feathers and red and yellow beak. The moorhen was feeding on the wet grass.

Grey Squirrel on a Tree Trunk

This grey squirrel posed for a photograph and waited patiently for something to be fed to it. Clearly in the past people had fed this squirrel which made him relatively tame. He was not pleased when I did not feed him.

Grey Squirrel in a Tree

This is a different grey squirrel who quickly went up a tree when he saw me. With a long lens (100-400mm focal length) I was easily able to get a photo of the squirrel up a tree.

Mute Swan Drinking Water from the lake

The mute swan had a drink of water whilst waiting patiently to be fed.

A female mandarin duckling

This is a female mandarin duckling. Not as colourful as the male mandarin ducks.

Grey Squirrel up a tree

Grey squirrels in Kelsey Park are relatively tame and are usually ready to approach people if there is food about. This squirrel was watching carefully to be ready for any food handouts.

Mute Swan

This mute swan is the most aggressive swan that I have ever known. You approach this bird at your peril. I have seen many examples of this swan attacking black swans, ducks and greylag and Canada geese. A very unfriendly creature!

A mandarin duckling flapping its wings

A mandarin duckling flapping its wings to dry them out in Kelsey Park. Probably a male duckling.

A coot swimming on the lake in Kelsey Park

A coot swimming in the lake in Kelsey Park. Although the photo was taken in August, the leaves of the trees are already starting to change colour. This is what created the wonderful reflections in the lake.

Mallard duck and coot on the lake in Kelsey Park

Although not autumn the leaves of the trees create wonderful colours for reflections in the lake at Kelsey Park.

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