Cyberbullying by: sofia Schmidt

Cyber bullying is using electronic devices to bully or hurt someone. Typically done by sending threatening messages privately or on social media.

Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and over 25 percent of teens have been cyber bullied repeatedly or more than 1 occasion.

There are signs of cyber bullying in kids but a lot of them do a good job hiding them.

Some of the signs of cyber bullying are... Unexplainable injurys, Lost or destroyed items, Frequent aches and pains, not feeling good, and faking sickness, Changes in eating habbits, and difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares.

A lot of the problem is teens having so much access to electronic devices at all times. On average kids are about 12 when they get their first mobile device or cell phone. and 69 percent of families with young children under 8 years old have a smartphone.

This is Kenneth Weishuhn jr.

Kenneth was a freshman at a highschool in Paullina, Iowa. He took his life after being bullied by classmates in school and online with death threats. Kenneth was gay and he said the bullying started after he "came out" according to his sister Kayla, he said it started with a anti-gay facebook group created by kenneths classmates. After he came out to the people he trusted they turned on him, his mom said she knew he was being harassed.

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