iEnergy an integrated framework and an advanced prototype for GAS logistics, trading and risk management

Solutions & Services

With expertise built upon a business case, our offering can improve your business processes and help you achieve a higher level of business efficiency.

iEnergy ETRM is an advanced yet low-cost solution, that can help you get up and running in a short time. It can easily be integrated within your existing system architecture.

Main features: Logistics

  • Networks / subnetworks
  • Physical meters
  • Aggregate meters (carrier / clients / other shippers & measures reconciliaton)
  • Temperatures
  • SRG X12 protocol
  • Market short & long forecast:
  • Next month vs 1-3 years view
  • Physical balance
  • Source / drain / stock balance
  • Custom balance

Main features: Energy Trading @ Deal Capturing

  • Market manager
  • Deal capturing
  • Position reporting
  • Settlement (in development)
  • Templates (gas, transport, SRG, stock, ..)
  • Custom simple and complex fields, i.e. basic constraints (min, max, lenght, ecc..), LoV (i.e.: xCQ: HCQ, DCQ, YCQ) & table with PK, unique contraints
  • Groups of fields with layout definition
  • Single and multi-location
  • Best price editor around: syntax highlight for keywords, suggestions and auto competition, real time formula evaluation
  • Custom fields fully integrated and completely trasparent to the price editor

Main features: Energy Trading @ Market Manager

  • Currency, stocks, generic indexes, ecc..
  • Official and private indexes
  • Composite indexes
  • Scenario management
  • Visual browser with graphical forecast curves definition

Main features: Energy Trading @ Position Reporting

  • Very fast and highly cutomizable
  • Report designer: create, run and save reports templates
  • Advanded user: runs reports setting/changing several parameters
  • Standard user: runs reports; could change report layout and export

Main features: Risk Management

  • Very fast engine: performance optimizated
  • 3 different approaches: historical, analytical and Monte Carlo
  • Triple VaR calculation
  • PaR, VaR e CFVaR could be easily implemented

Main Features: Settlement

  • Development in progress
  • It features processes that automate manual work, to reduce operational risk and human error
  • Data analysis and reporting by the book structure, split by several parameters (global books, lines of business, portfolios, periodic P&L, etc ...)
  • Accounting, P&L reporting, P&L per deal, with full analytics
  • All the deals types are available in Risk Management and can be captured as “hypothetical deals” for “what-if” risk analysis, in addition to the standard risk management valuation tools

The iEnergy Advantage

  • Speed time to value — Using best practices and lessons learned from practical experience, we help speed implementations and ensure optimum effectiveness.
  • Mitigate risk — We help firms better manage market, credit, operational, documentation and basis risk, along with analyze capital adequacy, and help automate reporting for more accurate and timely regulatory compliance.
  • Improve business operations — Our services help improve operational transparency, data management, integrated risk management capabilities and front-to-back scalability.
  • Empower better decision making and execution — By establishing a more agile infrastructure and fine-tuning business processes, we help firms make informed decisions and swiftly execute them across their front-to-back business and operating models.
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