There Is No Patriarchy By: Xman

In 2010 a Bronx contractor William McCafferey was released from prison after serving nearly 4 years in prison under the case of raping a drunk woman at knife point. At the end of the 4 years the woman, Biurney Peguero the prosecutor to McCafferey was setenced to 2-3 years in prison for falsely accusing McCafferey raping her. Women and men have their perks whether it be biological or social perks, but we are all created equal and women who follow the feminist movement are trying to disrupt the homeostasis we live in.

Buzzfeed posted an article " If Women Could Be Honest With Men, Here's 36 Questions They Would Ask" The questions seemed to try and degrade men and attack us based on our sex. One of the women in this video commented saying " Why do you have to sit with your legs wide open" "I get that you have balls but i dont stand around with my arms wide open to make room for my boobs". This is a false analogy trying to compare 2 anatomical differences between men and women. She doesnt talk about however when women put their purses down next to them and take up another seat of space that another human being could have used.

Later on in the video they bring up the wage gap "In what world does 77 cents equal $1" "In what world does 68 cents equal a $1". They didnt bring up any statistics or evidence backing up their statement. However knowing that these 2 different women gave 2 different amounts it shows that they're contradicting their own statements without having a straight answer. These contradictions show that they didnt have the integrity to do their own research and just say numbers that they have heard floating around on the internet.

Theresa Corbin, a writer for CNN posted an article titled "I'm a feminist and I converted to Islam" while in the article she says that she says that she wanted to "be recognized as a woman who is to be respected and not harassed." when in 2013 the "Independent" news network in the UK posted an article titled "Special report: The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone" this is absolutely terrible. A woman shouldnt be stoned to death for having a cell phone and it wasnt just her affected by it. She was a mother of two and was stoned by her own relatives! This happened it Pakistan where according to 96.4% pf the total population is Muslim. These are not what feminist should be doing to support their arguments. She is contradicting her own " Feministic ideas" by trying to use Islam as a form of argument when they dont support each other.

Feminist in our modern day first world society have lost their touch on their ideology. They contradict their own comments, and use false analogies to try and support their argument by using emotional commentary and without using logical facts and statements. These feminist are trying to overpower men and they would much rather lead us than lead with us.

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