Family Jewels BY: Stuart Woods reviewed by: Khalil Stennis


Stone Barrington acquires a new client that attracts a lot of bad attention to her self. He has gotten her out of a bad divorce and has helped her but over she gets loose and is questioned for 2 major crimes. Now he has to dig deep in her life to find the truth of this mysterious woman and the deeper he gets the more he discovers about her. But there is something that is missing that can connect her whole life together and only the discreet, most trusted people will know. Which will unravel and crack the case open. Secrets will be exposed, real truth will be exposed, and this result in murder, mystery, and betrayal.

Personal Review

I would recommend this book for adults and older teens, or people that love thrillers or mystery books. I say this because the book will get you wrapped up into the world of white collar crime. It also shows you the dark world that wealthier people deal with it and it shows that a lot of "rich" or "wealthy" people aren't always happy and go through hardships too. In this novel I love that Stuart woods puts the main character; Stone Barrington in multiple situations where it looks like he wouldn't ever be able to get out of it. But his savvy and charming personality gets him out of it. His previous experiences and career being a police Officer he knows what to do and he is has lots of connections within the government, officers, technological people. It also shows that everyone isn't as good as they seem and everyone has dirt or skeletons in their closet

Title and What The Book Looks Like

One thing the book could represent

"Yep. I wrote him a check, moved his stuff out of my apartment, and told the doorman to call the police if he ever showed up."

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