The Guiri's Guide to Music This site was built as an introduction to some great music from Spanish speaking artists from around the world. I've been lucky enough to be a guiri (not quite affectionate term for tourist) and got introduced to some great music in the process. Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!

Luar Na Lubre is a Spanish Band from Galicia that play awesome Celtic music

Ana Tijoux is one of my favorite MCs, singers, all around awesome people. Born in France to Chilean parents fleeing Pinochet, her music tends to have a message.

Carlos Vives is a Colombian singer/songwriter. Check it out!

Juan Cirirol has been called the Mexican Johnny Cash and the comparison is apt.

I think Delorean's music is super original. Hailing from Barcelona, this band plays a mix of indie rock and Balearic house.

If you like to dance you will like Fuego. Born to Dominican parents, he deserves more credit for Hotline Bling than Drake does, because he actually wrote the Spanish version.

Camila Morena is another Chilean artist I really like. I say artist because her music is really hard to describe. Just listen!

Inti-Illimani has performed a mix of traditional Chilean folk mixed with nueva cancion. They were exiled from Chile during the Pinochet regime.

Francisca Valenzuela is a Chilean pop-singer and pianist. Be warned, it will get will get stuck in your head.

One of my students in Spain was obsessed with this dude and I see why!

Nach is a really good MC, not just a really good Spanish MC.

Pastora is a Spanish/Catalan band. They play fun electronic pop.

So this dude's actually French, but he plays a cool mix of cumbia, reggae, salsa, and rock.

La Vuela Puerca: Uruguayan ska. Who knew you needed such a thing in your life?

Spanish punk/ska band from Navarre. You have to watch the video because these dudes are so intense.

Carla Morrison is a singer/songwriter from Baja California who plays very romantic music that is also good for break-ups.

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