Chris Rosenau (Volcano Choir), Creator: 14 Custom-created Patches

Mark Waldrop (The Digital Age), Creator: 10 Custom-created Patches

6 x Zoom Patches featuring this month's new Stompboxes and Amp + Cab

4 x Stompboxes

1 x Amp + Cabinet Combo

Download and install the new, custom-created patches with the links below or on,, or


Photo by Gaëlle Beri

Chris Rosenau picked up the electric guitar as a teenager and has been playing ever since. For most of that time, Chris has been lucky enough to have a dedicated audience for his music. He’s played with a number of bands and musicians, including indie rock band Volcano Choir as well as Collections of Colonies of Bees. Throughout Chris’s career as a guitarist, he’s performed all over North America, Europe, and even Japan..

Photo by Gaëlle Beri

Chris is an avid fan of Zoom and regularly uses an H4n to document all his creative moments—from rehearsals to song ideas. Since the H4n has been an indispensible tool in Chris’s writing process, he had a fun time taking the G5n for a test drive to see all that he can do.

The fun of the G5n is that you can just kind of stumble upon these tones that you would not be able to achieve because you don’t own these pedals.
When I got the G5n I just wanted to open it up, start working with it, and hopefully have it perform without much effort. It drives me crazy when I have to go back to instruction manuals; when I want to figure out how to do something and I can’t remember how to do it. The G5n totally performed. I opened it up, I plugged it in, it was super easy. There’s a lot of wild effects in here that you can really tweak to augment your sound.

Photo by Gaëlle Beri


  • Sequi (For Direct Recording) - This is my re-imagining of guitar sound as if through an old 1990’s Electribe ES-1 Drum Machine…Sequencer blended with Slow Attach and TS Drive distortion.
  • Sequi2 (For Direct Recording) - This is another sequencer-based effect, it’s a little bit different with a bit of Gold Drive distortion, adding compressor, and changing up the amp emulator.
  • Rever (For Direct Recording) - I combined the Zoom’s Reverse Delay and Gold Drive to create a really nice, slow, open sound…playing to leave a lot of uninterrupted room for the effect to do its thing.
  • Rever2 (For Direct Recording) - This is similar to “Rever”, but a slightly different reverse delay combined with the expression pedal.
  • Shifty (For Direct Recording) - It uses a pretty intense distortion with a Pitch Shifter and expression pedal. It’s pretty wild, but I’m into it!
  • PedalDeal (For Direct Recording) - This is great for creating and recreating a base delay loop to play over with just a little bit of compression and drive.
  • Buzzo - The Melvins are one of my favorite bands. And while this doesn’t really sound like King Buzzo’s tone, it reminds me of it. Distortion, octave divider, and some delay.
  • ReverPed - It’s a vamp on the reverse delay with expression pedal, with a way wider delay situation. It’s a great patch for creating atmosphere.
  • Holder - I’ve built the patch around the Hold DLY effect, which lets me play something, kick the delay on, hold it so it acts like a loop, play a ruff, let go, and reset it.
  • TremPunch - This is a non-traditional use of the Tremolo; they’re usually pretty weak and this is a strong one that acts like a loop or a metronome.
  • Squared - This is the same effect as the TremPunch, but the Tremolo is actually squared off even more so it’s a more harsh sound, and I’ve introduced the really nice sounding Tape Echo.
  • Faye's Tag - I really liked this Phaser, which I never play with. I slowed the Phase down a lot and put a nice distortion on it.
  • Met - While it is very simple, I think it’s really interesting loopy-sounding patch. It’s just DYN DRIVE with the Tremolo set really slow and heavily square-waved out.
  • Tromb (For Direct Recording) - This uses the Tremolo with distortion as a really nice, tight metronome/loop feel that you can play chords over, a drummer can play over, etc.
Photo by Pat Graham


Mark Waldrop has been lighting up stages all over the world with his guitar-playing skills for over a decade. Based in Texas, Mark began his career as a guitarist with the Grammy-nominated David Crowder Band in 2007 and continued with the band until their farewell show in 2012. Now a member of The Digital Age, Mark plays with six former members of the David Crowder Band and continues to play a diverse range of music styles. With both the David Crowder Band and The Digital Age, he’s played everything from heavy alt-rock to spatially ambient textures.

Mark currently spends his time on the road with The Digital Age, as well as producing music at the band’s Waco, Texas recording studio Asterisk Sound.

“I was super impressed with the quality of the emulation. It wasn't hard at all to get very lush tones when adding the delays and verbs, and it's fun to be able to move them around easily. If I had more time I could have made 100 more presets!”
“I love the fact that any guitarist can figure out how to use it. It's put together like a guitarist would want to run their effects. Super easy to change settings and move pedals around.”


  • BigBrit - UK30 tone with a little delay for big rhythm tone
  • BounceDly - A fast dotted 8th delay good for palm muted leads
  • Galaxies - A clean lead with delay from our song Galaxies
  • GlowRock - Heavy 800 tone with dotted 8th delay for muted palm riffing
  • Hallelujah - A rhythm UK30 tone from our song Hallelujah
  • NightTrem - A lightly compressed clean tone with some slight tremolo from the FD DLXR.
  • Padfoot (G5n only) - Use the pedal to fade into this lush verbed out guitar pad
  • Picky Pick (G5n only) - Trem and Tape echo take center stage on this vibey tone
  • Powerless - Mimics the tone from our song All the Poor and Powerless
  • SpaceTrem (G5n only) - A heavily effected clean delay tone EQ-d for high fretted tremolo picking


  • ZEP 1959 - This straight rock sound is inspired by the sound of Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin.
  • Bend Lead - This lead patch uses Bend Chorus.
  • TS+BOOST - This practical setting uses TS+BOOST.
  • Steplong - This recreates the sound that Brian May of Queen had when recording Headlong using Step.
  • SlapEcho - This rockabilly sound uses SlapBackD.
  • ZEP 1959 (For Direct Recording) - This straight rock sound is inspired by the sound of Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin for recording.


New Stompboxes available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • SlapBackD - This delay features a short delay time that is good for muted rhythm playing and rockabilly.
  • STEP - This special effect gives the sound a stepped quality.
  • TS+BOOST - This effect combines TS Drive and Booster.
  • Bend Chorus - This effect provides pitch bending that uses the input signal as trigger and processes each note separately.


New MS1959 Amp + MS4x12 GB Cabinet available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on your pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • MS1959 - This models the sound of the Marshall 1959 SUPER LEAD 100.
  • MS4x12 GB - This models the sound of a Marshall 1960 B-type cabinet with four 12" Celestion G12M GreenBack speakers.
We hope you love the new December 2016 additions to your G5n, G3Xn, and G3n; there are plenty more on the way every month.

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