Erasmus+ in Spodnja Polskava, Slovenia 02. - 08. February, 2020


On our day of departure I got up at 3.35am. I took a shower and got ready. At 4.15am Luisa's dad picked me up and we all drove to the airport, where we met Mrs Geissler. We checked in and waited for our flight. Around 6.15 we started to board the plane and a few minutes later we took off. We flew about an hour to the airport next to Munich. We stayed there for a couple of hours. We ate something and had a little nap. Then we we flew another hour to the airport in Zagreb. We got picked up there by one of the teachers and we drove about half an hour to the hotel where all the teachers would be staying for the week. Our host families were already waiting there for us. We drove to their homes where they showed me everything. I put all my stuff in my room and then I had some nice conversations with the father. We then had dinner and after that I already went to bed because I was really tired. Philipp

On our way to our last meeting. We all came to either Graz or Zagreb and were picked up by somebody from the Slovenian team.


The first day of the program. From 8 to 10 o'clock we had a welcome program of the Slovenians, with a lot of music, culture and other interesting things from Slovenia. After that we got food in the cafeteria. Then all countries presented themselves until 12 o'clock. At 12 o'clock we had lunch and went after that on a trip to Ptuj, where we visited a beautiful castle. In the evening we went back home, where I had dinner at my place.

Monday we got up at 6.30 and went to school. The school had prepared a long welcome celebration and showed us classical music and dances from Slovenia and we also learned about their history.

After that we all went in one classroom where the other countries introduced themselves and showed their presentations. We were also put into mixed groups and had to think about how we would present our topic- @ home in Europe- on Friday.

Then we had lunch and we went to a city called Ptuj. We visited a castle there and learned about its history and after that we had a guide showing us the city.

Then we went back home where I had dinner and after a little bit of chilling we went to bed.-- Philipp


We had to wake up very early at 5:30 am to be at school on time, because today was one of my personal highlights of the trip: The caves and the capital city Ljubljana. It took almost 3 hours until we arrived. But the long way was worth it: From about 10 to 12 o'clock we were in the incredible caves, the Škocjan Caves. With 150 meters from floor to ceiling one of the biggest caves in Europe. After we left the caves, we continued at about 1 o'clock to the center of the capital, where we did some shopping in the mall and had a tasty meal in a Mexican restaurant. Later, shortly after 4 o'clock, we started the 2 hour return journey. As I mentioned it was one of my favorite days during my stay here, because I never had been to a cave and it was just really awesome. Colin

Tuesday we got up really early because we needed to take the bus really early. We drove for 3 hours to a cave.

When we arrived we had a little breakfast and then it started raining so we had to wait. When it stopped raining we started going to the cave. We first got some instructions from our guide before we went inside. It was amazing. The cave was really really beautiful and impressive. The guide told us about the cave and everything and also about the animals that were living in there. We had a lot of fun and it was my favourite thing in the week. After that we visited the capital of Slovenia. We went in a shopping centre where we were invited to eat Mexican food, so we did. After that Luisa, Colin and I went shopping and we had a lot of fun. Then we all went back home. Philipp

It was a great day, but quite exhausting😄


With a little more sleep than the previous day, we went to school at 8 o'clock, well rested, where we had breakfast. 30 minutes later we left for Slov. Bistrica. There we had a tour through a castle. We saw many exhibits on history, minerals and fossils, glass and how school was earlier.

School as it was in former times. We are so lucky...

2 hours later we went back to the Polskava school where we first had lunch. Afterwards we worked in our groups on our project/presentation for the last day, Friday. Around 3 o'clock we went home according to plan, where we had some rest. After the break we decided to go to the cinema in Maribor where we watched "Bad Boys" with my host and host father. Late at 8 o'clock we came back home after a great day. Colin


The day began at 8:00 at school. At school a girl came to me and asked me if I played in a movie because I seem to resemble an actress...At school we got breakfast. After breakfast we had lessons with the teachers from the other countries. We had 1.5 hours of the lesson. After the lesson we got lunch.

When we had finished we went to Maribor. When we arrived there we got a tour of the old town and the Jewish Quarter. With the end of the tour our program was finished and we could walk around on our own. The others went home by the bus. My guest student and her friends and her students went bowling. We had a lot of fun. Afterwards we were picked up and went home.


The day started at 8:15 with waiting for the bus. When the bus arrived we drove an hour to a space museum. In this museum we got a one hour tour and learned about the first attempts of exploring space.

After the tour we got breakfast.

Then we had a competition on building cars running with air- power, using ballons and Physics- the relationship between action and reaction.

Unfortunately we only landed in the midfield.

Afterwards we could either walk in space with VR glasses or fly in a simulator. Then we went back to school, had lunch and worked on our presentations. we went back to school and got lunch. Afterwards we worked on our presentations.

We drove back to school at 17:20. There everybody held their presentations and the headmistress and coordinators held some speeches.

We watched our final product, our movie made of the films we had made throughout the duration of the project. It was really good, also to see the parts we had made.

The parents had prepared a great buffet, so we ate, talked, said goodbye and went home, also because we had to get up at 4:00 the next morning.

An old saying says good things come to those who wait- this saying is just that- old. Good things come to those who go out and chase them. Good things come to those who go.

We have been going out, venturing through Europe for the past 2,5 years. We have met fantastic people- collegues, students, parents- who have turned into friends.

We have seen fabulous places, architecture and landscapes . We have eaten heavenly, trying food we haven’t known existed before. We have seen different schools, been invited to homes, have opened our doors.

We have learned so much about and with each other along the way. We have laughed so much, had these laughs been tears, we could have filled rivers.

We would have missed all of this had we stayed at home and waited.

I would like to thank you all, dear colleagues, students, parents, friends, for this wonderful experience we could share along our way.

I wish everyone of you will find your own path in life and will enjoy the hike.

Thank you 😊 Sigi Geissler

The End



Thank you Fernando, Colin and everybody else for sharing these lovely pictures.