ORION A Graphic Novel by Janis Robertson

A TWO-HEADED FALCON, feathers of deep blue, overlooks the tundra of the frozen and desolate country called KELLCODA. Wild and vast, it is reminiscent of Alaska during the gold rush – a harsh land where people fight to etch out an existence.

The falcon is watching a vicious fight take place – a bear of a man spars with a strong, agile woman. This is SELENE PIJARA, just as tough as the place she lives. Banished from her native tribe, the Olkai, she was once a warrior. Now she’s a bounty hunter.

Character Reference

Unable to best her opponent, Selene runs. Finding a hiding spot, she looks down at the man – through his clothes, through his chest – and for a moment we see what she sees –

A BEATING HEART. More specifically, the electro-magnetic version of his heart. Now she can hear his heartbeat within a mile radius. This special power makes her a threat, but her quick temper and need to prove herself make her especially dangerous.

Once Selene’s got a lock on you, you only got two choices: Out run her or kill her.

Soon Selene will find herself at the center of a much larger fight – one for control of the entire land. In Kellcoda, the King and Queen have just died and the country is thrown into chaos. The King's sister, an ambitious and cutthroat woman, has taken the crown and demanded increased production from the Olkai-controlled iron mines. Tensions are on the rise.

The newly orphaned princess will have a claim on the throne when she comes of age. Fearing for their safety, a palace maid smuggles the princess and her younger brother out of the city. After the maid is killed, Selene finds the two royal orphans and must learn to be a mother, all the while caught in an impending war between the monarchy and her estranged tribe.


The series is epic in the style of SAGA. The first book will be a closed-end story arc, but with room for continuing the story line. There are many people seeking control in Kellcoda and this show is about that struggle. Selene finds herself charged with keeping the delicate balance of power from tipping too far in any one direction.

ORION is the story of family. After being excommunicated from her tribe, Selene finds another family in Kaira and Tawny Vallencourt, the orphaned princess and prince of the monarchy. When her own tribe wants her back, Selene is torn between her past and future. But, there's one thing about Selene – she'll protect the ones she loves at all costs.


Kellcoda is an unforgiving place where stark decisions are constantly made. It is cold and brutal. Selene is a warrior whose passions often get in the way of her judgment. The visuals will reflect the tone of the story: viscerally gritty, foreign, and desperately violent.

The artwork will be realistic – there are supernatural elements in Kellcoda, but they will always feel rooted in the real world. While the palette will be generally muted, there are moments of brightness, like when Selene can see a person's heart. ORION is also action-packed with bad-ass protagonist. The culture of this world is a mix of Victorian and Old West and the environments will reflect this unusual combination – vast tundra and mountain landscapes, muddy mining towns, and the ornate city in the center of the country. While the layout will always need to serve the story first, it will be a chance to push the medium in different and edgy directions.

Queen opayus

Princess Kaira & Prince Tawnel

The author

Janis Robertson grew up among oak trees, rattlesnakes, and coyotes howling at night. She has worked with Tim Miller, Netflix, and Man of Action Studios, as well as having a pilot optioned by Shaftesbury US. An avid traveler, Janis has worked with artists in the Australian outback, hiked volcanoes in the Andes, climbed glaciers in Norway, and sampled the local beer in 34 countries. Making her way to Los Angeles after her adventures, Janis graduated from UCLA with an MFA in screenwriting. There she was a Showcase Winner in Television, as well as a recipient of the Stephen J. Friedman Screenwriting Award and the Executive Board Award. Janis specializes in world-building, fantasy and supernatural, period pieces, and bad-ass action adventure.

Created By
Janis Robertson

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