Exploration Causes & Effects By: Yaire Palomera

Europeans wanting Resources-

Causes & effects:

One of the causes of Exploration is spices. Spices were very valuable back then. They more more valuable than gold and metals. Only the wealthy people were able to afford it. Spices were grown on islands in South Pacific East Indies. The effect that this had on explorers was to set out and navigate to find these islands and make it back home alive. The reason on growing spices were to sell them to other people around the world for money. With that money they were able to spent on other things such as new technology for navigation throughout Asia and the New World.

Labor in the new world-

Causes & effects:

Another cause of exploration was labor. After the whole spices situation going on the Europeans got addicted to sugar which had them wanting more of it. Since sugar only grew on tropical environments, the Spanish were granted land and forced the Natives to work on those lands. Sugar cane plantations were located in Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Barbados. A lot of American Indians and Africans were taken away to the Caribbean plantations of sugar canes. The natives were treated poorly by the Spanish. Caribbean so many natives were killed by diseases. One of the Spanish priest name Bartolome De Las Casas went back to Spain and protested for the native rights.

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