ABC's of Africa By: hope keene

A-Africa: Africa is the second larges contenent in the world. It was also once a part of Pangea the supercontinent.

B-Bie Plateau: Region of high, flat land ocupying most of central Angolia. It is over 5000 feet high.

C-Cape Town: A place where a sieries of wars took place. It is now verry kbown throughout the world.

D- Democratic: In Africa, the yare a democracy this took place after Arpathed was terminated.

E-Eouropeans:They were a major cause of destruction and new development in ALL countries of Africa.

F-Festivals: Africa is the festival cotinent;colourful and vibrant festivals range through musical, religous, cultural and many more.

G-Gold: Gold was very valuable it made the continent rich.There were very many gold mines in Africa.

H-Hutus: One of the main ethnic groups. They migrated from the Banta expantion.

I-Imperialism: It is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.This is what Eueropeans did to Africa.

J-Jobs:In South Africa non-whites are given lower classs jobs.

K-Khio-Khio:native people of south africa.They were destroyed when the Europeans did the expantion.

L-Liberia: A colony for African slaves.

M-Mandela,Nelson:Couragous man who led the Anti-Arpatheid group.He also became Africa's first black president.

N-Nile river: The Nile river is the longest river in the world.The name of the river (Nile) comes from the Greek word neilos which means river.

O-Orange free state: The Orange Free State was set up specifically for the Boers to avoid British administration in the Cape Colony.

P-Pan Afracanism:A Movement that took place in Africa to establish idependance in African countries.

Q-Qu'ran: The holy book of Islam.

R-Rift Valley Fever: viril desease caused by domesticated animals. Mainly in the region eastern of southern Africa.

S-Salt: Africans used salt to preseve there food. There are also alot of salt mines in Africa, salt is very valuable there.

t-Timbuktu:A major trading city under mali's power.

U-Uganda:population of over 33 million.

V-Victoria falls: One of the 7 wonders of the world.

W-Water: In africa expessially in the Sahara dessert there was a water scarcity.

X-Xhosa:Main tribial group.Poplation of 7.9 million people.

Y-Yoruba: Group of people in Nigeria and other palces in Africa.

Z-Zulu: largest South African ethnic group.

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Marie Keene

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