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This picture shows people riding camels in the desert wearing long and loose clothing.

Q: How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

A: People adapt to living in the deserts in many different ways. One way people adapt is to living in a desert region is to wear long and loose clothing that covers you whole body. Which helps protect your skin from the sun when there is a drought or a sandstorm.This is important because if you don't wear long and loose clothing your skin will get sunburned badly. It can also protect the people from getting sand in their eyes. Another way that people adapt to the desert region is when the are living in an oasis village, they will use solar power to make lights so women can work at night. This is important because when people work at night, the can get much more done, so therefore families will make more money. These are just two of the ways people adapt to living in the desert region, but there are many more.

This is a map of Europe

What two forces work for or against supernationional copperation Among nations?

Two centerfugal forces in Europe are the language barriers, and the fact that Western and Eastern Europe are separated.Language barriers in a supranational government can be a very big deal. When everyone speaks their own language it can become extremely hard to communicate within the supernation. For example, if you lived in France and then traveled to Germany it would be hard to talk to people in there. Even though they are a separate country, you should be able to communicate with another country in a supernation. Anthoer centerfugal force is Western and Eastern Europe. Western Europe is wealthier and has better jobs than Eastern Europe. This can cause competition between them and it could break them apart. It can cause wages to lower too. Overall, there are many more centerfugal forces that rip apart Europe.

Q: what is the most effective style of government and why?

A: The most effective style of government is representative democracy. It is the most effective because the citizens get to vote for their leaders, so they have a say in the government. When doing this, people get what they want in government, and not just have it decided for them. Another good thing about representative democracy is that there is separation of power. So one person doesn't have all of the power and take control of the country causing citizens to have no rights. There are many other types of government but these reasons show why representative democracy is the most effective.

Q: what does it mean to be a good citizen?

A: A good citizen obeys all of the laws of the country. For example, a good citizen would never do anything illegal, such as taking away someone's property without permission. Also, when being are a good citizen, perform all of your responsibilities. A good citizen always pays their taxes. Lastly, a good citizen will always use their rights for good things. They will always have tolerance for others, and obey the rules of private property.


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