Nathan Clements CAS Highlights

He is our new Intensive English Program Specialist. He will be teaching 1-2 classes a semester and will take on administrative duties and student services in his department. Nathan has a Master's degree in teaching English as a second language and in Spanish Literature. He is close to completing his Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership. He loves traveling, “Travel has always been something that’s important to me. I have been able to live abroad a lot and travel to different places.” He has been to Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, England, Spain, and Japan among others. Last year he went with the Department of State with the English Specialist Program to Saudi Arabia where he participated in 2-day seminars for local K-12 English language teachers. As a teacher at Southwestern College this past semester he found a way to engage students while learning online. He chose to focus the final writing assignment on COVID-19; this gave a chance for his students to research something that is relevant to their lives and share their own perspectives. Nathan explained, “I think that part of what you do as a teacher is try to make students curious about research and engaged with things and this was an opportunity for people to do that with something that actually mattered and was close to their thoughts right at the moment.” Welcome to the EMU community Nathan! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS