Smurf Society you don't have to be socially EXCEPTable

By Jake Bean and Mattie Neves

  • We are the smurf society, we are the more realistic smurfs
  • Our Mission Statement: We're there for those who thrive to be blue; we are the realist smurfs.
Communtiy Seal
  • Rules
  1. Must be blue- use paint if needed
  2. Must be under 5 feet tall
  3. Always be happy and joyful
  4. Always be prepared for wartime scenarios
  5. No cars allowed, or other moterized vehicle allowed
  6. Every family must have a dog - Newfie - ride instead of cars
  7. Cant be over 150 pounds
  8. Must love chocolate
  9. No pink, no dresses, no goth
  10. No cell phones, only land lines
  11. No outside communication
  12. Must speak English... Fluently
  13. Must have short hair, no longer than shoulders
  14. Only one dance move- The Flop
  15. If someone yells," everybody do the flop!" You have to do the flop
  16. The ruler is your god
  17. Everybody born here is here for life
  • Type of government: Anarchy
  • Motto: Live the Smurf life

Location: Montana, USA - Because america

>This Is 'Merica

Daily Schedule: Wake up at 6:00 AM

6:01 - Do the flop

7:00 - go to work

10:00 - 2:00 - Free time

7:00 - Go home

9:00 - Go to sleep

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