Double Victory : AFrican american & women By Brian Fan & Alex wang

Slogan :

Racism Limited Your Best?

Similarities :

Both facing discrimination in labor market. Their employment opportunities were lower than the others.

Both were not hired in specific jobs : combat job. Although they were allowed to take part in the military.

Both getting new opportunities, new jobs and new roles. Not only doing the minor.

African Americans and women also had some volunteers willing to served in war.

The African American treated as indentured servants and freed slave for life.

African american respond t the treatment by the multiple sckerosis patients

The african american are contribute in ww2 by play a significant role in ww2

My analysis are that it's the action of them, and the reaction to the each community for better.

Slogan :

America's Secret soldiers

Differences :

Although women earned more money than before, it was still far less than men doing the same job.

Although African american serving in the military, the navy only allowed them to be cooks and waiters.

Women were facing the sexual discrimination. African Americans were racially discriminated.

Women cannot get equal pay as men. They were treated unfairly.

However, they fill many male jobs and roles during WW2 to let more men could sent into combat.

They contribute the war by worked for the armed forces. They worked as nurses and serving guns. They worked behind enemy lines.

Women act as a secret soldiers in WW2. They worked at the backline. They helped America get the victory. women played a important roles in the war.


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