C & D's Bar and Grill Review By: Delaney Brown

C & D’s Bar and Grill is a rustic yet elegant restaurant located along Route 30 in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. Its upscale casual dining leaves you feeling well-fed and relaxed in its well-kept environment.

Upon arrival at the C & D’s my father and I requested a table, and without hesitation they seated us in a wheelchair accessible table by the large window panes. Our waitress handed us our menus, and asked us what we would like to drink. The waitress told us that they carried Pepsi products and lemonade. I specifically asked for a Raspberry Lemonade, which I knew they didn’t carry.

So the waitress returned with a glass of water for my dad, and a Raspberry Lemonade for me, then left us to decide on our dishes for the night. The waitress arrived right as we decided. My father settled for the Chicken Quesadilla ($9.99) and I asked for the Seafood Pierogies ($22.99).

Our waitress then brought us a sample of Blackened Shrimp on a Baby Spinach Salad, courtesy of the chef. The samplers were said to be a common tradition of the restaurant. The tiny platter placed before me looked like nothing more than dolled up shrimp on spinach. Except after tasting it, I could tell there was so much more to it than just looks. The ingredients were perfectly matched to give a salty yet sweet flavor. The salad consisted of baby spinach, bacon bits, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and a small piece of blackened shrimp. Overall the sampler of the night got a perfect score.

Right after my father and I finished our samplers, the waitress returned with my salad and swept away the dirty dishes. The presentation of my salad was definitely unique. Each element was tucked carefully into a giant Green Bell Pepper ring. I cut the ring open and let the salad fall into place. I drizzled my ranch dressing over the salad and took my first bite. It was wonderful; all of the ingredients were obviously fresh and nicely blended together. Spinach, Kale, Iceberg Lettuce, Red Onion slivers, a ring of Green Bell Pepper, two slices of cucumbers, and two halves of a small tomato all mixed together to create an explosion of fresh flavor. After finishing my salad, the waitress returned with our platters and once again swept away the finished dishes.

Upon presentation of the Seafood Pierogies, I was somewhat surprised at the colorfulness of the plate. Chopped artichoke, asparagus, and tomato adorned the sides showing off their bright colors in the light creamy sauce. In the middle of the platter was a pile of shrimp, three-cheese potato pierogies, scallops, crab meat, and shredded asiago cheese all topped off with a fresh dark green sprig of parsley. After taking the first bite, I was swept away with the rich flavors of the herb butter sauce mixed with the flavor of the pierogies and tomatoes.

Although I did not enjoy the mixture of the sauce with the shrimp, the rest of the platter was splendid. The crab was fresh, properly prepared, and hidden under the large pile of pierogies. It was sweet and tender. After trying out the crab meat, I moved to the scallops which were well cooked, tender, and flavorful. The herb butter sauce assisted in bringing out the great flavors of the seafood, vegetables, and pierogies.

After I was finally full, we asked the waitress for takeout boxes, and got ready to pack up and leave. Before we walked out the door, we were handed a small pack of two homemade chocolate chip cookies with a sticker that said “Here, have a midnight snack on us.” The sticker and the cookies left us with smiles on our faces and a satisfied appetite.

Overall the trip to C & D’s was a five out of five. The environment was clean, nicely decorated, and friendly. The food was superb, with each dish bursting with a whole new flavor. The service was polite, timely, and considerate. C & D’s is the place to be when looking for a relaxing vibe and food with enormous flavor.

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