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Stargazed is a record label & events and production company based in Footscray. We curate and create Immersive Concerts, Digital Artworks, Mixed Reality Experiences, Virtual reality Films, Virtual Reality Streamed Concerts, and Mixed Media Installations.

SOURCE: Contemporary Dance + Live Music + Video Art

The following is photo documentation from SOURCE: Contemporary Dance + Live Music + Video Art; an event produced by Stargazed at Melbourne Music Week 2019 for the MPavilion in collaboration with South of the City.

Below is an excerpt from the collaboration between Fierce Mild, dancer Emma Riches & video artist Stephanie Peters.

Photography Credit: The MPavilion

The following is the promotional trailer we created for SOURCE that was used on social media.

Live VR ISO Concert series

A condensed, lower resolution version of 'Dr Chicken Gristle's Sweet 16th' - part of our Live Stream in 360 series. Best viewed in VR headsets. Please move around with your cursor if on a computer.

Stargazed: In Search of Lost Time

The inaugural Stargazed event. 8 musical acts were paired with 8 visual artists. The stage was transformed into a multimedia installation which the bands played on

Want it to End – Fierce Mild Five sense VR experience

This work was experienced by two participants at a time. A live band (Fierce Mild) played a score in ambisonic sound. Participants were led through a small space as this occurred. Curated sensations of smell taste and touch were employed to give embodiment to the character position that they took within the world that we created.

Stills below show VR content that participants experienced.

Figure 6 VR content still. Filmed in Little Desert, Vic
Figure 7 VR content still. Filmed in Little Desert, Vic
Figure 8 Layered content VR still. Footage from Linton, Vic

Below is the promotional trailer for the Fierce Mild VR experience 'Want it to End', that was used online.

Still below are from the West Projections version of the Want it to End experience. They show participants being guided through the experience. Participants were bare footed. At times when the VR content showed they were standing in a lake, they would be physically led to a shallow pool of water and stood in it.

Figure 9 West Projections VR experience. Photo of Participants.
Figure 10 West Projections VR experience. Photo of Participants.