Frog on a Log By: mikayla, anna, aleiah

There once lived a frog on a log, who was friends with Willy the worm. On one cloudy day they decided to take the ultimate adventure.

As they traveled to their new home, Willy asks Frank "So what do you call it when worms take over the world?" Frank said, "I don't know?" Willy said, "Global Worming!"
As they were hopping and slithering down a vibrant rain forest, they think they see a pebble. As they approach the pebble they realize it is a dead fly, so they think... Suddenly the fly pops up and yells, "In order to pass you must answer my joke, Why do flies chase garbage trucks?" Frank and Willie looked at each other with a confused look, then stared back at the fly. "They love fast food!" said Flinn. As they hysterically die of laughter, Flinn asks where they are headed to. They reply, "A new home, would you like to tag along?" "Sure!"
To make the time pass, Frank decided to tell a joke. He said, "What do frogs do with paper? Rip-it!" As they are laughing they come up across a hill and see the most beautimous pond in the world. They all knew right away this would be the perfect place to live. A log for the frog, mini rocks for the worm to slither under, and a big open space for the fly. They were all settled in telling jokes in their new home!

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