Growth Project #4 By Addi Martin

Parameters: piece of linolium with 10 prints of the same design. Goal: get one really good prink to turn in. Design Challenge: carve out an endangered plant into a piece of linoleum to print with ink.
When Brainstorming I looked at different photos of the flower to get inspired and based my sketches off of them.
I carved this piece of linoleium and made it how I liked. Then I started printing and using different techniques to make my print look it's best. I kept running the carving tool off of the lines I needed it to be on, so I ended up having to clean those up. I also had trouble showing the texture of the tree in between the two flowers, so when printing I took the brayer and rolled it specifically in those places.
Final Result

Final Critique: Based off of my final results of this project I think overall I did a pretty good job. I did follow the instructions for the most part in a timely manner. I did have some trouble keeping the ink of the edges when printing and getting all the detail I wanted off the linoleum on the print. I could have also worked longer on carving to get the indentions deeper in the linoleum. I feel as if I did get a good result even with all of those problems, I am happy with my end composition.

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