The Future Wants and desires

Hope to own an animal in the future
Always wanting to improve my practice
Stay at Old Faithful Inn in my Father's honor
Keep Writing as a passion, always in my future
Soaking tub master bath is a dream of mine
Return back to my reading habit
Spend more time here
Hopefully work here
Travel to the Caribbean
Buy more from the Farmer's Market
Do more of this
Graduate - from multiple levels
Learn more about Indian culture
Make Personal Connections


Created with images by HansenHimself - "honolulu hawaii beach" • hkase - "cat" • Seniju - "yoga" • moonlightbulb - "Fireplace at Old Faithful Inn" • Unsplash - "typewriter book notebook" • Bryan Maleszyk - "Bathroom at Gaige House" • caligula1995 - "Reading 20140612" • trec_lit - "Camp site" • highlander411 - "UCF" • Charles & Clint - "St Thomas Aug 2008 108" • skeeze - "strawberries berries fresh" • kcxd - "Kayaking" • Olichel - "graduation grads cap" • orange tuesday - "Tribe woman, India" • Sammmie - "friends together hugs"

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