In the stock marketing world there are a lot of different things, different markets, companies, expressions and many more. I will explain to you a bit about the stock marketing world. In general, the words stock and share have the same meaning, however, stock is the ownership of any company and share is the ownership of a specific company. The dividend is the payment the company gives back to its financial supporters. Another thing important in the stock market is the ticker symbol which is a few letters (usually) showing a particular security in the stock exchange. The difference in the ticker symbol between each stock market is that the ticker symbol is a bit different, for example the number of characters or the order etc. There are many stock markets in the world, here are some of them, New York stock exchange (US), NASQAD (US), London stock exchange (UK), Japan exchange group (Japan), Shanghai stock exchange (China). A mutual fund is the starting point for investors. It works by staying in the same level of currency without changing a lot. A demand is how much the product is wanted by the market. The supply is the availability of a product or service. They are important because they tell us how much is the product wanted, which sets the price, and how many of it is available. The pros of investing are that you have a lot of influence on a company, you can earn money from dividends,. The cons of investing are that the company may bankrupt and lose all of its money, when you sell a share you may get less money than what you bought it for. Three companies: BMW, Apple, Adidas.

As of the time being, my most successful stock was Adidas and my least successful stock was Delek US Holdings. The reasons for that can be because the successful companies created products that sell good. The least successful company is in its current position because they didn’t find oil from their late digs. The changes I made were selling low stocks and buying stocks that I heard were doing good such as Netflix. The thing I would like to change in my current portfolio is selling my low stocks and testing new stocks.

My overall thoughts about this project is very positive, I really liked going on the website every week and checking how did the companies do. In my specific case, BMW are currently doing the best and Adidas have the lowest percentage, before BMW I had Netflix which had a massive jump so I sold them to get more money before the percentage falls. The reasons I can think of are because the companies sold a lot of products or that their selling wasn’t very good lately.

If I was supposed to do the project again, the thing that I would have done differently is that I would go on the website everyday and check how my stocks are doing and maybe buy/ sell some more stocks. I would probably invest on the successful stocks such as BMW, and I would maybe invest in companies that people will recommend on investing because they probably have a high percentage. If I was to continue my current portfolio, I would probably sell Adidas and Facebook and buy Netflix. In this project, I learned that investing isn’t really easy and that I should keep track of my stocks every day. I also learned many new terms that are often used in investing.


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