The cylinder opens

summary of the chapter

The creator returns again to the normal at sunset. The word from the eyewitnesses is that the highest point of the chamber is practically completed the process of unscrewing. There are presently a few hundred individuals viewing the barrel. One man falls into the pit. The chamber has opened. The Martian that shows up does not look anything like man. rather than that it is a substantial dark chestnut hued mass. It has circle molded eyes and limb like members. It appears to me moving gradually then the creator recollects that the gravity on Earth is significantly more grounded than that on Mars making it troublesome for the dark chestnut masses to move. The main Martian tumbled from the highest point of the chamber into the pit. Another Martian rose.


'The cylinder opens' is this seems where for once , victorian society has to admit they don't have all the answer about the universe . and they have different imagination that what will come out when the cylinder will open.


i was very curies to see what will come out from the cylinder . but after i read whole chapter it was unlivable.


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