MetalMachine Shelby Lynch


Have you ever seen construction in a classroom? Well, we have, and the construction is for battle bots. It’s name is MetalMachine. I am building a battle bot, so we can win with it in English class. My partner's name is Dannielle, she’s amazing because she’s very talented and smart. Our bot’s name is MetalMachine. The purpose of this project is to build up our writing skills, but I only care about winning. But, I do know that my skills have succeeded. The MetalMachine is a pretty decent bot because we have a sledgehammer. Our sledgehammer is heavy weight, and the wheels are un-inflatable.

Front faced picture of my bot

The MetalMachine is a pretty decent bot because we have a sledgehammer. Basically, if they try to attack us it gives us an easy attack. One fact about a sledgehammer is, it’s not going to break. There are 12 bots, and we have the most deadliest because of the sledgehammer. Plus, the sledgehammer is controlled by us so it’s not like it’s going to malfunction. Now, I think that does a pretty good job of describing our best feature, the sledgehammer.

This is a right sided view of our battle bot

The MetalMachine is awesome because it is heavy weight. There is no way that these dinky cars could hurt our bot. They can do whatever they want to our bot. If you think about it, plastic vs. metal, who do you think is going to win? Obviously, metal is going to win because it’s more heavy weight. This is why I strongly believe that the MetalMachine is the most durable.

This is a left sided view of the MetalMachine

The MetalMachine has un-inflatable wheels. With us having our un-inflatable wheels we are pretty much unstoppable. They could stab and poke at them as long as they wanted. It wouldn’t make a difference. One thing that would be awesome is if their sharp item got stuck in our wheel! We could easily run over our victory with our un-inflatable wheels!

The MetalMachine is a good bot because of the sledgehammer, it’s heavy-weight, and the wheels are un-inflatable. We have a champion defending bot because of our sledgehammer. MetalMachine is strong because it’s heavy-weight. Also, un-inflatable wheels, the MetalMachine has. “Hit the wall. Somkin and spinnin. Still wasn’t thinkin bout nothin but winnin.” -Author unknown.

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