Gap Year Natalie Parker

Taking a Gap year allows students to figure out what they want to do in college, rather than going straight into college undecided.

Going into college right after high school can be stressful, especially for students who have very little money, so a gap year would allow time to take a break and get a job.

Getting a job during the gap year means you will have the opportunity to save money and also apply for scholarships to put toward college.

Students who take a gap year have time to prepare themselves for the years ahead which may lead to better grades and a more positive attitude.

A gap year also allows time to have fun, go on adventures, and ease your mind before starting college.

Once you decide to start school after a gap year, you have probably become more experienced and saved a lot of money. With doing so, you are more than likely less stressed, more relaxed, and much happier.

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Natalie Parker


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