Lukas Schreuder Chapter 12 vocabulary

NON CONTACT FORCE Definition- a force that acts at a distance. Sentence- a magnet will attract metal to it from a distance.
FORCE Definition- a push or pull that acts on an object. Sentence- a dog pushing a ball is force because the dog is forcefully pushing the ball.
GRAVITY Definition-the force of attraction between any two objects. Sentence- again a magnet and metal are attracted to each other.
CONTACT FORCE Definition- a force that requires to pieces of matter to touch. Sentence- with contact force the need to push it to make it move.
ACCELERATION Definition- the rate at which the speed or direction of motion of an object changes over time. Sentence- an example is a car because it takes time to go from a slow speed to a fast speed.
FRICTION Definition- the force that results when two materials rub against each other or when their contact prevents sliding. Sentence- and example of this is an roller skates because two objects rub each.
WEDGE Definition- simple machine made of one or two inclined planes. Sentence- an example of a wedge is an axe because of their two incline plates put together.
PULLEY Definition- simple machine consisting of a rope or cable that runs around a grooved wheel. Sentence- you can find a pulley on a flag because it is used to pull the flag up and down.
INERTIA Definition- the tendency of an object to resist any change of motion. Sentence- an example is a car crash because your body is wanting to continue going forward but the car stops.
SCREW Definition- simple machine consisting of a smooth cylinder with a tiny incline plane wrapped around it. Sentence- this incline plane is not the same as the axe it is smaller and wraps around the screw.
WHEEL AND AXLE Definition- simple machine made up of a circular object attached to a bar. Sentence- a wheel and axel reduces the amount of force needed to do work.
SIMPLE MACHINE Definition- a machine made of one or two parts. Sentence- there are many simple machines such as a wedge a hammer a axe, pulley and screw.
INCLINE PLATE Definition- simple machine consisting of a flat surface with one end higher than the other. Sentence- a incline plate can be a ramp large enough for a person or a car to drive or walk over.
LEVER Definition- it is a type of simple machine in which a bar moves around a fixed point called a fulcrum. Sentence- Levers do work by using a bar called the fulcrum.

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