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Before taking flight to the 2020 Grammy’s, Philly’s own Knucklez linked with Snyp Life of D-Block for new visuals titled “K-Block.” The gritty street tale spits on rappers and baby-face gangsta’s from North Philly to Yonkers. The venom spewed embodies concrete truths from flippin’ to make a killin’, that others fail to copycat.


The single “Second Amendment” off "The Plague" album is a gritty testament executed by Knucklez defining his stance in the industry and in the streets. He comes prepared with his A-game and ‘in your face’ dominating punchlines. The gully, hard knocking beat arrangement heightens the raw emotion felt by Knucklez and his venomous deliverance.


Knucklez, also known as Official Truth, is owner and founder of upcoming Indie Label Iconic Records and its parent company True Seed Conglomerate. He was born Albert Driver in Wilmington Delaware in 1978 and raised by a hardworking mother as a product of an absentee incarcerated father. “A life of struggle and survival is an understatement.”

Knucklez grew up with no role model, roaming the streets and embracing that lifestyle and everything it entailed. All of which included prison, being shot multiple times, and a thirst for fast money to hide the pain. “Pain from the ugly world that a young boy finds while roaming alone, all while beginning a lengthy career as a chef; restaurants during the day and the street money at night.”

That somewhat of a double life evolved Knucklez into one of the strongest men alive. He took refuge through the microphone and emceeing. “It saved my life. After 22 years as a chef and walking away from the street life I was now active in the music industry.”

To date, Knucklez is an established artist and screenwriter based out of Philly. He continues to work on his craft and can be seen on local stages and heard on FM and internet radio worldwide. “Just search #Knucklez in any search engine for my complete catalog of music.”


Bookings and Business Inquiries knucklezoftruth@gmail.com

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Marissa Savino