Beneath the Surface Art inspired by Sally Mann, William Kentridge & Maya Erdelyi

Inspired by the observation of Sally Mann, stories of William Kentridge and color of Maya Erdelyi, students in Advanced Portfolio where asked to explore the world around them using the lens of 'zoom in/zoom out.' They were asked to consider the physical and metaphysical, real and imagined and then to edit with layers, opacity, subtraction and finally, the addition of another media. Some students created videos, others used sound, all were encouraged to suspend disbelief and to play.

Gallery of My Inspiration

I dream about the photos that hang in my house

“Red Wine and Chairs” my favorite

The women who wade in the indigo waves that smell like summer and sand between your toes, with that vintage looking square frame that sits above the leather chairs in my parents room.

A figure in a dark wooden frame I stare at the brush strokes before a nap on a saturday afternoon

The girl in the char who hunches over with her head in her hands and my mind wanders pondering why she looks so sad.

I wanted to make a mini series that reflects how my surroundings, and specifically what's in my home inspires me in my own artwork. I used watercolor as my primary medium because it is the most freeing medium I use and it allows the paints to wander and not hold a specific form. Inspired by Sally Mann, I thought watercolor would make the pieces intuitive and reflect my style most accurately. I also included the digital collages I made of my nature photographs inside the frames from artwork in my house. The work is displayed as a mini installation, similar to an array of artwork that is hung on a wall in my house. I drew inspiration from Maya Erdelyi as well who has a strong use of color, and uses it as a device to add emotion and make the pieces stand out. The video component of this work is intended to feel like you are looking at the pieces on a wall in a house or in a gallery, trying to take everything in. I chose to use the song Moon Song by Phoebe Bridgers because it is one of my favorites to listen to while I paint and it gives off a very serene and reflective vibe which accentuates the overall tone of the piece. -Virginia Morford

My work is a collection of photos I took on a walk-in Noe Valley. One photo is a landscape view of diamond street and the beautiful sky above it. I have a drawn-out picture of the image so I would like to use photoshop to merge my drawing and the image together. Secondly, I took a picture of a singular purple flower, and I want to play around with its color and size. I created a collage of many different colored images of the same flower. I have three separate pieces that I put into a video with classical music playing in the background. -Sarah Startz

“ When I get older, I wanna make everyone happy” -Teari Morris
Uh well When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” -Dezmone Cooper
“ I wanna be just like my big brother when I grow up”- Ryan Hawkins-Collins

Using the art form of pencil drawing, sharpie drawing, and photography, I wanna show the world through my eyes. To animate the world in my vision onto paper. I'm using a series of animation styles, photos of siblings and a character of my very own to show my perspective and creativity. I chose my siblings because as siblings they're gonna be the people i see the most, to be able to one day add them in a future animation project will reflect how they have shaped my way of looking at things. -Daniel Hawkins-Collins

I have taken photos of trees and plants around my neighborhood and layered them onto each other. An artist that inspired me was Sally Mann because she spent so much time and patience with her work. She would take multiple attempts until she got it to perfection and I have implemented it into my own work. . These pieces of work have a relaxing tone that is mixed with black and white along with color. I also had a theme of zoomed in and zoomed out photos which gives the audience different perspectives. This group of art pieces is called Mother Nature. -Brandon Lum