Renewable/Nonrenewable By: Searra Phelps

This is Geothermal. Some pros of geothermal would be that it is efficient, its renewable as long as the earth exist, and its not a significant source of pollution. Some cons of geothermal would be there is a high up cost with implementing it, electricity is still needed to use the heat pumps, and requires a great deal of water usage.

This sunflower is and example of solar energy. Some pros of solar energy is that it is renewable, abundant, and sustainable. Some cons would be is it is expensive, its associated with pollution, and it has exotic materials.

`This is a renewable resource called wind. Some pros of wind is it is a clean resource, does not use water, and is a domestic source of energy. Some cons are they are often located in remote areas, wind turbines might make noise, the blades could damage local wild life.

This is also another renewable energy source called hydroelectric power. Some pros of this would be that it is a renewable resource, it is a clean resource, and its reliable. Some cons of this would be that there is environmental consequences, it s expensive, and this type of energy source is used based on how much water there is, so if there was a drought we could not use this energy source.

This is a biomass plant. Biomass is also another renewable energy source. Some pros of bimass are that it is renewable resource, it is made locally while not costing very much, also it does not depend on fossil fules. Some cons of this energy source would be that large areas of land are needed to make this energy source efficent, some of the matriels needed are not made all year round, and if it is over used deforestation and other enviromental probelms start happening.

This is coal it is a nonrenewable resource. Some pros of coal is that there is a high supply of coal, it is cheap because of how much supply there is, and it is easy to access. Some cons of coal would be that it produces a large amount of pollution, burning coal produce acid rain and carbon doxide which cause acid rain, and also while burning it it relases toxic gases into the air we brath. Did youknow that coal is one of the most plentiful resource in the world?

This is also another nonrenewable energy source called oil. Some pros of oil would be that it is abundent, its easy to use, and it creates jobs. Some cons of oil would be that its not renewable, drilling can cause spills, and its expensive.

This is a nonrenewable energy source called natural gas. Some pros of this would be that it is reliable, cheap, and the technology is already in place. Some cons of this would be that it is not enviromntal friendly, its not sustaniable, and its highly cumbustible.

This is the foruth nonrenewable enrgy source called nuclear power. Some pros of this energy source is that there is not much carbon dioxide made because it does not burn fossil fuels, can produce a high amount of electricity in just one power plant, and you do not need much space to build a power plant for nuclear power. Some cons would be that there is a possible chance of a nuclear meltdown, it creates nuclear waste, and there is a high cost for nuclear plant.

The energy source I think we need to use in the future would be a renewable resource called solar energy. I think we need to use this energy source because it is renewable of cource, it is abundent, it is sustanible, it is enviormental friendly, it has good avalibility, it will reduce electricy bills, there is shared solar, it does not make noise, you get finacial support from the state and government, there is low maintance, and the technology is improving. So as you can see there is alot of advanteges to using solar power as a energy source. I am sure there is a ton more of pluses to using solar power I just listed a few to as why I think we need to switch over to solar power in the future. I hope you are on my side as well, Thank You.


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