College athletes should be paid. Where does the money come from?

The life of a college athlete is busy!

Some students lack a working experience. It is good to have experience when job searching but without the time for jobs, where will the work experience come from? Where is there time to have a steady job in today's workforce? 

College athletes have very busy schedules and little time for steady jobs.

Many athletes at Liberty university have the cars on campus and must spend money on gas. There are many other expenses that go into having a car because of the effort to take care of the car. 

Not all of campus food offers the most healthy food options. Although there may be healthy food options, at the grocery store, athletes can go a pick specifically for their diet.

Living off campus means that there is expenses for off-campus living. There are expenses for electricity, groceries, maintenance and rent, etc. 

No money. Money. Happy.


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