Honoring Our Senior Athletes written by kate magliaro

The senior class of 2021 has been an involved group, particularly in the different sports teams at Pinewood. Many have been a part of multiple teams each year and have contributed their talents to Pinewood’s community as a whole. Though Pinewood will be sad to see them leave, they will be remembered as a class of immersed and dedicated individuals.

Senior Annika Decker has played basketball for Pinewood’s varsity team and will be attending Tufts University next year to continue her basketball career. Despite her involvement in basketball, she has also been a part of multiple other sports such as track, swimming, and softball during her off seasons.

Photo by Sam Jezak

“Something I’ll take with me is just life skills I learned from my coaches, how to balance school work and basketball, and just how to be a person people look up to on and off the court,” Decker said.

Senior Olivia Cooper is going to Bond University in Australia to be a part of the school's Elite Swim Program, as well as to study Sports Medicine. She has learned a variety of lessons as a part of the Pinewood swim team.

Photo by Saavri Biswal

“While playing Pinewood sports, I have really enjoyed swimming at meets with some of my school friends. I feel [like] high school swimming really taught me how to be a leader amongst other high school swimmers that typically might not swim year-round, and swimming in general has really taught me how to be disciplined about my academics and athletics,” Cooper said.

Senior Nick Carpenter will be taking a gap year before attending Texas Christian University. He has been a member of the soccer, track, and cross country teams in his four years of high school.

Photo by Sami Zagha

“I’ve enjoyed soccer the most because the team is a real family and it's a really fun sport. You make a lot of friends playing sports that last all of high school in all grades,” Carpenter said.

Senior Vivian Reed, who will be going to Brigham Young University-Idaho, has been a member of the girls soccer team for her junior and senior years of high school. She speaks very highly of her experiences these past two years as a part of this team.

Photo by Sami Zagha

“Something that I have loved learning while playing soccer is that you have teammates that you have to work together with. Without my teammates' support I would not be able to play or even get myself to practice. Knowing that they have my back and vice-versa makes soccer really really fun and rewarding! I think that attitude is something that I’m going to take with me into other aspects of my life as well, knowing that whoever you work with you have to trust them knowing that they have your back,” Reed said.

Senior Ethan Stangenes will be going to Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. Throughout high school, he has been a member of the soccer, cross country, tennis, and football teams, and he has grown as an individual in each sport he has participated in.

Photo courtesy of Pinewood Smug Mug

“I can’t decide if I liked tennis or football more. I probably had the most fun in tennis because it’s my best sport and the practices were fun, but football was amazing because I think it helped me grow more as a person,” Stangenes said.