Freedom Rides of 1961 By Daniel Weisskopf

The Freedom Rides of 1961 were.....
A series of bus rides through the southern US
A journey taken by both blacks and whites
A reason for freedom
Freedom Rides through the south
The Freedom Rides were multiple bus rides that planned to eliminate bus segregation in the south. The rides were inspired by the Journey of Reconciliation of 1947.
The rides left Washington D.C. on May 4 1961. The ride planned to reach New Orleans, Louisiana but was attacked by the joined forces of the KKK, the Birmingham, Alabama police, and other white people.
Bus Destroyed after KKK attack
The Journey of Unison
The rides were not only a stand for freedom they were also a bonding experience between blacks and whites.
A Reason for Freedom
The reason was that bus segregation was unacceptable and they wanted to stop it once and for all.

Thank you!! For watching my slideshow on The Freedom Rides of 1961 here is a link to where I got my information:


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