Journey Log 4 Jenny Contonio - jennyfromtheblock - warrior - section 41

Habits of Mind Used: Creativity and Metacognition

This week our annotated bibliography was due. I found that I struggled at the beginning but then I kind of got the hang of it later on in the process. I found that this type of research assignment caused me to actually do useful research. Looking back on the process, I know I came into the research process with an open mind. I didn’t really have a thesis or a clear path I wanted my essay to take I kind of just started researching and went from there. I know have a pretty good idea of what I think I want my research essay to be about, but I am not positive yet. I know I definitely learned a lot more about the Yeti than I ever thought possible. I truly didn’t realize how many different variations of the Yeti there are, from western civilizations to the Tibetan religious beliefs, it was actually very interesting. More interesting than I had originally anticipated. I found that finding sources was easy for me, but only when I used the online Clemson library. I honestly love that thing. It is so much better than google scholar or jstor or pretty much any other database I had used prior and it definitely will be something I use again.

This research project has caused me to be very passionate and creative around my subject. I have big plans for my specialization for my research essay and I might have to go a little rogue from the specialization requirement but I am glad that you allow us to do that as students. It makes me want to be creative in English, which is something I honestly thought was impossible for me. I like to just get my work done, and be done with it, but I find in your class when I have the time to dedicate to it I am really proud of the work I create. I definitely think I have to try to manage my time better so I can devote more time than I recently have been but it has been really hard lately. Between my snoring roommate keeping me up every night, and my increased work load I have found myself falling behind but I plan to make progress in that and catch up this week into this weekend.

I think my research process has taught me a lot about jumping down the rabbit hole and how my ideas can form through that process. I think many times we don’t give in to the uncertainty of research. We go in with a plan as a culture because that is what we are taught to do in K12. I think it is much more beneficial for me to just give into the process and not have a plan. I think I came out with it a much better idea for what I want my essay to be like than I would have if I had gone into it with a plan. From knowledge and research, we can create meaning but only if we allow ourselves to truly absorb and think about what we are learning. I even applied this thinking to my research for my informative speech in communications about pufferfish. It started off as the daily life of a pufferfish but after doing some research, I found that pufferfish is very poisonous to humans but are also a delicacy in Japan that if not prepared correctly can still kill humans. This was so interesting to me and completely changed what my speech is going to be about.

You could be eating this!


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