Super Hero Mister Time Indesign Publishing Course | June 2019

First Class

Mister Times Business Card

Time for me is one of the mysterious things in the world so i choose to make my hero Time that gives me another chance to study further this subject. This Hero will go with me through all course projects. I choose a name and made him a logo. For the businesscard i did only one page because the second one i would do a magnet. At least in Israel business cards with magnet are the best, because people love magnets on their freezers and having a businesscards so present makes use the service more often.

Name: Miku Horatius

MIKU Japanese From Japanese 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful" combined with 空 (ku) meaning "sky" or 久 (ku) meaning "long time". It can also come from a nanori reading of 未来 (mirai) meaning "future". Other kanji combinations are possible as well.

HORATIUS Ancient Roman family name which was possibly derived from Latin hora "hour, time, season", though the name may actually be of Etruscan origin. A famous bearer was Quintus Horatius Flaccus, a Roman lyric poet of the 1st century BC who is better known as Horace in the English-speaking world. source {behind the name}

Inspired from Shalonis Logo done fully in Indesign i did want to do everything using only Indesign. Ususally i like to combine Illustrator and Photoshop with Indesign. I created a logo in Indesign with the pentool and shapes and added gradients and colors. The decoration line i did with step and repeat. The Icons are outlined font awesome icons. Font awesome and Indesign work through the glyph panel after Installing font awesome free edition (download link) best in the Indesign font folder . But when outlining its ok just to install it just locally. I enjoyed creating in Indesign and its amazing how much you can do already just with the inbuilt tools. Its no more just a layout Program.

With bleed and crop

Second Class

To create a post image for social media i decided to make something not colorful but with many details in shapes and pattern. Social Media always look to me a big mess to the eye and something not colorful is exceptional and will catch the eye better. Its possible that this is different depends on your audience and friends on social media. One of the last weeks assignments inspired me for this. There is a lot of accent on Font and design with font in the lessons so far so i decided to make a post that is based on font only. I found several ways first of all a really nice wordcloud generator and a script how to do this in Indesign. But the indesign script is not free its only for test and puts a very big and ugly writing on top so its not possible to use it for publishing. Kind of frustrating if you don't know this because all functions are working great and after putting a lot of time and work in installing and setting it up and built a whole project to find out that its useless... so i did it with the generator and after made a pattern out of it in Indesign (Indesign makes great patterns no need any more to do it in Illustrator and Photoshop unless its a rally complicate pattern) and found that step and repeat works great in Indesign too. Always thought only Illustrator does it! The people are free clipart from Pixabay i took two images from there cut some paths. I kept fonts and Logo from the business card i did in lesson one.

Third Class

I took this billboard for inspiration to make something really simple. But in the end it became much fuller but still based on fonts.

I found that Paper size for billboards are different in each country. In Israel there is no special size, billboards on roads are discovered to cause car crashes this study shoes it.

Instead house walls are used in Israel as very big billboards sometimes covering a hole wall on a building. Advertising and announcing is a very important and big part of Israeli culture and its annoying sometimes how much there is everywhere. So still also common billboards are in use and as in most things i guess we use American sizes. So i did mine after the sizes Kelly gave us in the Video.

I created the billboard in Indesign and then took a billboard mock up from Illustrator and placed the image inside the billboard. I took a background from our desert here.

I used the very big size and prepared a printversion with crop marks and then a webversion as demo. I enjoyed to play around with fonts and color shemes and used all the new features of adobe color i learned from this video. i used iconfonts not images for the Telefon and clocks. The use of glyphs is really good in order to add extras in o time.


After getting a really good critic from a fellow student i redesigned my bilboard . I find the critics extremely helpful many times when inside work you don t see what somebody sees and gets while watching the first time. The real print size Spark does not want to load so i made a smaller version but left the bleed and Crop marks.


Fourth Class

I do brochures and magazines a lot and find it extremely important to be very organized in using grids and styles and color themes. Indesign makes it very easy to do quick changes even in large documents if all is well defined. So i started my magazine with finding fonts, colors defining styles and the grid. I used some of the elements for the other assignments because all is about the same hero.

I invented the personal story of my hero and added an additional event that follows this story. The important part here is more the story less the event. In the final section i will use this document to add interactivity. Meanwhile links are just text.

For some reason my indesign freezes a lot when using type i hope i will find a solution for it soon. First i used facing pages but in order to get printed most print companies ask for separate pages because the order in the printing document is different. i used two Masterpages one for the front and back without page number and one for the inside with page numbers. I wanted to get the page number start on page two so i used this tutorial to fix the default behavior.

In order to get a unique color look for all the document I used photoshop match color function. Most images i took from Pixabay. All are free for use.


For the printversion the order is different and i would use spreads.


Fifth Class

This is the publish online Magazine

I wanted to show a you tube video on my interactive document and after searching a while i found how its a little tricky and not Indesign inbuilt. But Indesign secrets has the answer like it has for most problems! Then i customized the content in this generator in the latest update it seems you tube took away the option to resize the embed version. Spark url does not work either for Video. I wonder from where i can get a working url for a video.

I had an issue with Hyperlinks that don't want to work in publish online. First thing i found is that links must be on top of everything this i correct for the page buttons when a text frame overlaps the button it will not work but it did not fix my hyperlinks. Then i found its because i use worldwide paragraph composer i need to switch to regular composer but this did not fix the issue either. Then i saw the font is used as image because its a bought one i changed the links to a common webfont still does not work so in the end end i added transparent buttons that show the link in publish online, but i would be really glad if someone has a better solution!

I added page previous and next like Lukas showed in the demo on the site. It works great. Also all buttons are working well and there is many options.

After i played with animations and they are limited. I can not animate from color to color and also if i have several animations on one page they play one after the other. If i loop the second animation will not start. I took the logo i created in Indesign for the first class and animated it i wanted to move it like a clock but did not succeed so i did something else.

I think Its a nice add to get some animations in publish online documents and to get links and videos and audios. But for real animation i would use Aftereffects and add to a document.

And in Spark its not possible to embed the publish online file so here again the link .

Final Reflektion

I really enjoyed this course i like Indesign and to learn more and we got a lot of extra in all lessons and classes. I think Indesign is less for small children but for bigger ones it could be really good to create a school magazine and all students will love the interactive options i guess. Publish online is a great tool to share in a very comfortable way. See you in other courses and Thank you!

Created By
Susanne Tamir