memorials & Ashes IN SOLID OAK

It is always an honour to be trusted to work with a customer on a remembrance commission. To think that a bench, swing seat or plaque will be a long lasting memorial for somebody's life is humbling.

Oak is the best material to use.

It symbolises strength and longevity yet the natural grains of the wood ensures that every piece is truly unique.

Here are some examples of our previous work.

Often a memorial piece becomes something completely bespoke and personal.

Some pieces become part of your every day life.

An oak post or indeed a garden swing at their favourite spot can make it a destination and a place of contemplation for the family.

Our parkland benches are popular both in private gardens and public places.

We make them in various sizes and even round benches to go around a tree or other feature.

A range of our designs are suitable as memorial pieces.

Due to the very personal and sensitive nature we do not have many examples we want to show here. We work with you to get everything right, and do not pick up our chisels until we have worked out every detail.

Sometimes we are asked if we can add an even more personal touch to our designs.

Underneath the bench in the photographs we have hollowed out a space to make room to embed the ashes of the cremated remains of a beloved husband and father.

This is a service we can offer for a range of our designs.

The ashes are safely secured with a solid oak plug


“Thank you for the absolutely beautiful bench that has just been delivered. I am currently sat on it by the kitchen table. I know it is going to work brilliantly for the family - it will mean that Stephen will be, in some way, part of both big family occasions like Christmas and birthdays but also everyday meals - Perfect. It has surpassed all of my expectations. Thank you so much”
"The memorial swing you made for our friend was the centre point for the wake in their garden after the funeral. Her 6 year old daughter tipped us all over the edge when she told us that she would be ok as she could still talk to Mummy if she sat on "Mummy's Swing"."
"I am crying tears of joy right now knowing you can actually make this a reality for me and my family. Thank you thank you a thousand times. THANK YOU!"

Let us know if we can help create the memorial you and your family need.