Learning Guide 1 baker Townsend


Reading Summary

What I learned from reading this was that every photo is meant to look like that image or scene has never been captured before. Every photo is taken to be unique and distinctly different from from anything else. I also learned that no two moments are the same.


1. Photography is you expressing what your mind thinks is beautiful and unique. With photography you can capture a moment or a image forever that you think is art or something that is special to you.

2. yes photography is art. It is art because you can express your creativity through photo just like you can with pencil and paper or paint and a canvas.

A Pinhole Photographer

Megan Snaith is a pinhole photographer that takes photos like my first and second photos above. She has blurry and see-through people in her photographs with an interesting background. I found out that making photos like hers with a pinhole lens is not to hard to accomplish.


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