From the Headmaster:

I think I shall let the images do the talking. An incredible range of events and trips and visits this week. Up Leith Hill at the start and ‘dancing’ to Mary Poppins at the end, as well as an extraordinary visit to the Houses of Parliament. I was also indulged with a few minutes talking about someone I am fascinated by, Field Marshall Montgomery. We were joined by some other passerby’s who I hope also enjoyed my enthusiastic biography of the man.

Information regarding the upcoming Spring Fayre will be released on Monday as will details regarding our first ILG Performing Arts Festival that we are hosting at The Rose Theatre. It promises to be a busy few weeks.

Neighbours and your help!

If I may ask for your help with a small number of things I would be most grateful.

We do enjoy good relationships with our neighbours but a significant frustration expressed to us is the parking in the neighbouring driveways and across exit points. Please help us by not parking either in the drive of Dean Court or in the parking spaces of Belvedere Court directly opposite the school.

We have addressed various elements of our after school provision to make collection as straight forward as possible but would be grateful if you might note the following -

Collection of children attending after school activities should be from the side gate at 5pm

Collection of nursery (full time) children should be from the main entrance

Serving the evening meal is quite an involved process, as I am sure you can appreciate! In order to provide a detailed 'hand over' about the day and adventures enjoyed as well as supervising the evening meal, we would be most grateful if you could avoid collection 5pm-5.10pm, if at all possible!


Finally, and I know it is one of the many things that you already know, but please don't feel that I only stand at the gate to 'simply' welcome you and your children into school each day.

I am also there to speak with.

It may be the weather, the weekend rugby score or even to double check dates or events with, but I also hope that you feel able to speak with me about any aspect of school life.

We, as a staff, are simply here to give our children the best.

If you are unsure about anything please speak with me; it will only ever be taken in the spirit of making Park Hill even better.

I would like to thank you all for your efforts in preparing the costumes for Friday and also for joining us on Friday evening for the Night at the Movies, what better way to start the weekend?

Yours sincerely,



I am hoping that those of you who have already had the need to contact AlleyCatz have been very happy with the service received.

Although there has been little need this week, we are finally getting close to having a stock of Park Hill beanies that have been ordered at the uniform shop. Whilst I hope that we have seen the back of the worst of the weather do please check the Park Hill page of the AlleyCatz site for further information.

Naming Uniform

We do our very best to return lost property but we do come up against the challenge of nameless items. We would be grateful if you could please ensure that every piece of clothing (including shoes) are clearly labelled, ideally with a sewn in name tag. If possible, please ensure these labels are attached in the neckline of tops/ coats and in the back waistband of bottoms to help with easy identification.

Collection Arrangements - Safeguarding

We would be most grateful if any messages regarding collection are passed at the gate with Mrs Watts or Mrs Blower, emailed or called through to the office and not left with the teacher.

Similarly, we would also be grateful if any last minute changes to collection (from 2.30pm) are called through to the School Office and not emailed to ensure the message has been received.

Houses of Parliament

It was a trip I was looking forward to for some time, we were rewarded with a superb visit to the utterly impressive education centre and the good fortune of a visit to both the House of Lords and Commons. We are not permitted to take photographs inside but we were able to visit the gardens where we discussed at length the impact Churchill et al have had on the world and British Isles.

We also had a little sortie around to visit the Cenotaph, Downing Street as well as stop to learn more about Monty.

Social Media

There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Adventure School Expedition - Leith Hill Group 2

It wasn't Leith-al and we weren't Holmwood bound (puns courtesy of Mr Papps) but we certainly enjoyed our expedition from Holmwood to Leith Hill on Monday. As you can see, the weather was, um, damp. We dodged the worst of the rain and hail in the latter stages us were justly rewarded with a super view from the top.

We spoke about key features and burial mounds. We explored how the word 'copse' came into being and looked and the total metres climbed. We also explored the flora and fauna and how the physical geography of the land determines where we settle. We enjoyed the bird song and identified different birds through their call. I think that covers the whole curriculum...

World Book Day

Well. What a sight it is too welcome Peter Pan, Spider Man, Mary Poppins and a whole plethora of Roald Dahl characters.

Such a fun day. Enjoy the images.

A Night at the Movies

What links Mary Poppins and the earlier image of Millicent Fawcett? Correctly identified on Friday by Susan Blackburn as the suffragettes. Rather appropriately we celebrated the music from the film on International Women’s Day. Those of us fortunate enough to be present were rewarded with a most enjoyable start to the weekend.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view the videos taken on the evening.

Notices and Reminders

RED NOSE DAY - Friday 15th March

Mufti - wear something red for a small donation of £1 for Comic Relief.

Interhouse Maths (14th March)

Interhouse Cross Country (18th March)

ILG Football Tournament (21st March)

Spring Fayre (22nd March)

ILG Performing Arts Festival (29th March)

Interhouse Hockey (2nd April)


Rosie Walsh junior coat - named ‘Rosie Walsh'. Last seen hanging outside Second Steps classroom.

Christopher Tse maroon sweatshirt - named ‘Audrey Tse’.

News from Year 5 and Year 4

This week could be described as Mad as a March Hare, possibly with a slightly different connotation. There was a long march on Monday and Friday in the Surrey Hills and Central London; and certainly some mad hair on Thursday.

There were divisions again in the class on Monday (and that’s not a witty reference to a Maths activity). The second half of Year 4 and 5 made their trip to Leith Hill and their ascent to the top. Cooler and wetter than the previous week, but just as rewarding, pupils guided themselves from Holmwood Station to the Plough Inn at the base of Leith Hill and up to the top.

The weather had been very kind to us throughout most of the trip, though on our climb towards the top of Leith Hill, the heavens opened and rain poured drenching us all; but not dampening our spirit to succeed to the top. Pupils proved to Mr Bond, Mrs Bond and I (Mr Papps) that they have the ability to persevere with a physically challenging activity whilst being able to: read maps; take bearings with a compass; cook their own food and problem solve.

Much fun was had avoiding puddles; much fun was also had walking through the puddles too as we ventured through the countryside making informed observations on our location, the surrounding landscape and the various paw prints along the path. Despite some pupils taking a few slips and stile-ish tumbles, as we reached the summit of Leith Hill, the clouds parted and the sun offered wide ranging views across the South and to the North where Wembley Stadium could be spotted.

Again, an excellent trip thoroughly enjoyed and valued by all who came and conquered.

The excitement of the week continued on Thursday as we dressed as our favourite book characters. There were some very novel costumes and it was Destiny that we would have a great day as we headed towards Sunset... (or something along those lines according to Jacqueline Wilson). In class we had ‘Reddikulus’ wizardry from Harry Potter and the Hermiones who were in attendance, as well as Gandalf, who certainly was a Tolkien point of the day. A Billionaire Boy was on roll too along with: Tin Tin and Snowy who thought something smelt fishy? or was it Captain Haddock?; ‘Argh!’ Black Dog from Treasure Island was spot on...or was it...the..Black SPOT?!!; the wimpy Greg Heffley arrived with his tales of woe; a Blyton the class was Silky the Fairy from the Faraway Tree, as she cast a spell over us; and just to confuse things we had Lemony Snicket’s Violet Baudelaire, Violet Baudelaire and Violet Baudelaire, plus two baby Sunnys from the Series of Unfortunate Events books.

A great day was had by all as pupils revelled in the excitement of creating their characters on film for some green screen action. Jane Heinrichs, the author, gave an inspirational presentation of her illustrated books and preparatory drawings, and one enjoyable moment came as Year 4 and 5 read chapters from Roald Dahl books to Reception class. Reception class were inspired and captivated by the stories which is testament to Year 4 and 5 clear and engaging reading style. Excellent work!

We did manage to get a lot of work completed in the class room this week too. In Maths we covered the area of.. er?. Area! All pupils made excellent progress in understand the difference between perimeter and area, and knowing that to multiply the width by the length, they can calculate the area of rectangles. This knowledge we applied to finding the area of compound shapes, which required breaking up a shape in to a selection of squares and rectangles to find their area; calculating lengths of sides using our skills acquired from our perimeter lessons.

Next week we continue our theme of area, and extend it to finding volume of shapes.

There was exciting free verse poetry written on Wednesday as we used the inspiration of Michael Rosen and Roger McGough to good effect. Having completed several comprehension tasks and performing of their poems, it was great to see how much pupils had absorbed whilst they wrote about: family members; stories from home; and growing up adventures. It was pleasing to read such engaging and humorous poetry as pupils used: inventive structures; direct speech and repetitious patterns along with descriptive words.

This week we intend to extend their writing in poetry, before revisiting Non Chronological Reports.

To conclude our week, pupils where in party mood (political party) as we commuted with the morning rush hour to the Houses of Parliament. The architecture and the weight of history was awe inspiring for pupils and teachers as we learnt about the UK’s political history in a captivating tour though the House of Lords and the House of Commons with our tour guides Christopher and Rachel. There seemed to be too much to take in, with large paintings of Monarchs, statues of former Prime Ministers standing over us, and gold. Lots of gold!

Pupils asked liberal questions that weren’t laboured. Thankfully, the answers weren’t too conservative, and didn’t dupe anyone. I’m sure the rest of the school will be Green with envy. Unfortunately, there were no ministers for us to quiz, but our guides gave us more than enough information to discuss as we headed out to Parliament Square where we sat in the shadows of Viscount Palmerston, Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Dame Millicent Fawcett who held her banner ‘Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere’. It held particular significance on ‘International Women’s Day’.

After our break, we continued our tour of democracy towards the Cenotaph and Downing Street. Sadly, Teresa wasn’t in, but we’ll drop her a card soon, as we now know her Post Code is SW1A 2AA. As our tour eased across Whitehall Mr Bond gave us the Full Monty! A comprehensive explanation about Field Marshall Montgomery, whose statue stood outside the Ministry of Defence. We made our way back home and our London tour ended at Waterloo.

The behaviour of our pupils was impeccable and they made informed comments and constructed well thought out questions which they asked of staff at the Houses of Parliament, and teachers. Myself, and all staff present were very proud of your conduct. Now ORDER!!!

Excellent effort and energy levels for this week Year 4 and 5

News from Year 3

A busy week again in Year 3 putting their navigation skills to the test with a walk to Pen Ponds, which was enjoyed by all. In Mathematics this week we have been learning to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000s leading into multiplication using the grid method. In English we have started a new genre learning about Non-Chronological reports and how the criteria can be applied into leaflets and other information. We were particularly impressed with the leaflet on student accommodation in this area, very impressive, and Year 3 said they would be quite content living there!

On Friday we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Houses of Parliment sitting in the House of Lords as well as the House of Commons it really made us think about the possibility of heading into politics to make a difference.

News from Year 2

This week has, as normal, been a busy week. We have concluded our work on fantasy stories, bringing together all the elements over the last 2 weeks to create our final story (for many of the characters, it really was their last story and they didn’t make it out alive or intact). Similes were in abundance like ants in a nest, alliteration as always attempted, and different uses of punctuation was excellent!

Maths has been an out money and word problems again, and we have been looking at completing them while crossing the pound.

World books bay proved quiet the story, with some of the smartest children, fairies, and even a very large crocodile. We read to second steps with confidence and expression.

Perhaps we have some future DJs or song writers in Year 2. We have begun our work on garage band and have learning to build up our song in layers, starting with our beat or pulse, and adding voice, piano, or guitar. Some sound remarkable lovely.

News from Year 1

A thrilling week for Year 1 leading up to World Book Day. Year 1 arrived in character and were able to discuss their book characters with panache. They created green screen images of their character and selected their own backgrounds. Abbie in particular created a fantastic video with a script drafted in advance.

In literacy we continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of poetry through the senses which resulted in a superb piece of writing from every member of the class on Friday. A poem documenting ‘what I like’ to see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

In maths we have been investigating division and sharing equal amounts.

Do you think you could solve this problem?

News from Reception

#Readingispower, a gift that inspires our young children and big thinkers to empower themselves through books. With world book day campaign, Reception have been on an endless adventure, creating their own imaginative stories. I was very impressed with the vocabulary and language used to describe their character and which books they enjoy reading. Shared reading with year 4/5 was fun too! As part of this, the children used the green screen to superimpose their character which you can view on Tapestry. We also made bookmarks which we will laminate and give to you next week.

In literacy this week we looked at the conjunction ‘and’ to join two sentences together. ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ our story focus, the children described the giant using adjectives. It seems like the giant has made a visit to our classroom as the children have been finding some clues.. an excellent stimulus for writing. We are waiting until he next returns.

Woodland school proved definite signs of spring. As we walked along Queens Road we stopped to take photos of blossom, snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils. This followed onto growing our own plants - broad beans, coriander and sunflowers. A brilliant week, well done.

News from Second Steps

Here is this weeks Deerstalker entry.

This week has been another fun packed week, filled with many activities and exciting experiences. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning throughout the week. We asked the children what they enjoyed the most about their week.

“I enjoyed dressing up as Chase and playing with my friends who were dressed up too ”- Jack

“I like doing showing and tell on Friday ” - Kassius

“I was so excited about dressing up in my costume and I was such a good helper for my Mum, who came to share her drawings with everyone .”- Mary

We are continuing to read “Jack and the Beanstalk” as part of our topic. The children enjoyed acting out the story and pretending to be the giant. The children asked many questions to why Jack stole the items from the giant and used their critical thinking skills to come up with some good reasons to why Jack did this.

“Well in the beginning he and his mum had no money to buy any food, so he did that to get food .”- Rameez

“ If Jack asked the giant, maybe he would not have been so mad at him .”- kit

It was a lovely day on Tuesday and the children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Richmond Park. We focused on measurements. Here the Children had a great time working in teams to collect different size sticks and logs. The children then worked together to measure the length of the sticks/logs and then had to put them in order by size. They used great practical skills as well as critical skills to carry out this focus activity. It was lovely to see all the children work together to learn through this amazing activity!

“ I think we need to help each other carry this really big log, maybe we can ask a teacher” - James

“Lets see how long we are by lying on the floor and counting the number of masking tape marks we made”- Benjamin

“ This log is much longer then this one, so it needs to go before it, look.”- Rameez

For phonics this week, the children have been learning how to blend simple words and read them. They are also learning to read tricky words in order to prepare them to read simple sentences. The children have also been practicing and learning letters and sounds as well. Using different resources and teaching methods, the children really engaged in all the focus activities with great enthusiasm and wanted to do more. The children particularly enjoyed going on a sound hunt in the bark area. They then had to go and find an object that started with the sound/s they had found.

“ I enjoyed learning to read words and look for the correct picture ”- Aiden

“ I used the cubes to make words and then I looked for the picture and placed it next to it.”- James

For maths we have been working on measurements. The children have been going around measuring items in the classroom and the outside area. They used different tools to measure the items.

“ why don’t we use the Lego to measure the table.” - Zachary

“ which one is longer?”- Christopher

In outside area the children had great time exploring their environment, they used different tools measure different items and compared them. They had great fun reading books on growth and trying to plant seeds to grow. The children explored the different sensory trays by using their senses. The children have been using their gross motor to do different Yoga posses as well as learning what mindfulness is.

“ I can be like a cat.”- Christian

“ I can balance on one leg”- Gisele

Second Steps have had an amazing week back at school with lots of fun activities. They have had many learning experiences as well as opportunities. Well done, Second Steps!

News from First Steps

The children enjoyed discovering different transports sounds at circle time and they focused very well. We used different vehicles to paint over the table and talked about different patterns they made.

We learnt that mixing red and white together created pink then we painted Rapunzel’s tower and the children retold the story over and over again using the puppets. We tried to make Rapunzel’s hair using the play dough.

We didn’t miss the opportunity to cook pancakes on Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day!

First Steps children cracked the eggs, poured the milk, flour and mixed them very well. Then poured it into pan and had a go for flipping it. When pancakes were ready they chose different toppings to add. If you are wondering if they tasted good; there were none left! Next they children kept cooking their pancakes at the play dough table!

The children have been using their imagination through the week and they dressed up as their favourite book character on Thursday for World Book Day and attended Assembly in church.

We were very lucky to have Jane Heinrich, mummy to a child in Second Steps and author of the ‘Magic Night in The Museum’, in our class and the children were amazed with her story telling. A big thank you again. Also, Year 3 children kindly visited us and read their favourite stories to First Steps children. First Steps was very busy with story telling and chatting!

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