My Digital Art Portfolio Sara klompus

Seagull from recycle project

Art is a way to express yourself, and sculpture is a great way to do it through. I love to create, despite all of the roadblocks in the way. The best part is having a finished product that you can be proud of.

My favorite artist currently is Wendy Evans, who is a fanomanal batik artist. In seventh grade crafts we made batiks, and it was the most fun and stressful process that I have experienced with a project. However, in the end, the product was amazing. Wendy Evans does a lot of outdoor landscapes, and they are always so colorful and very beautiful.

This is a shadow box, which is made by 'suspended' material, which casts a shadow on the box. This was one of my favorite projects because you truly had full freedom and creativity. I also really liked the finished product and the way it looked against the light. This is one example of how the amount of freedom and creativity that you have can really affect the finished product. In this case it was very beneficial.

This was my product packaging. I used the company Lokai and in this box, you can find their iconic bracelets. You can see the logo I designed on the front of the box and a water drop on the top to represent the message of the company, which is joy, hope and just being clean and fresh.

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