Scratch BY Lauren

What is ScratCh?

Scratch is a online coding program where you can design and code anything you like. You can choose different characters, backgrounds and other things, you can even design your own.

Your coding can be super simple at first.

After you get the hang of it, it could become very complicated.

How do you use ScratCh?

When you first start scratch you can either learn on your own, or you can take the tutorial. In the tutorial they show you how to change your character, background and how to code. It shows you the basics. Once you finish the tutorial you can choose your own background and characters, in the beginning you should start out with simple things like moving back and fourth then begin more complicated code.

My Coding

These are my codes I had three different sprites, sprites are characters, and they were all coded differently. First I coded a character sitting on his bed listening to music, he is moving back and forth, I also coded it for the music to actually play.

Then I coded the boys cat to dance in circles up and down.

Finally I coded a speaker to move back and forth to look like it was playing music very loud.

What does ScrAtch do?

Scratch can help teach you how to code so if you ever need a job in coding you will have experience. I personally do not think I would enjoy this as a job but I am glad I have the experience if I ever change my mind.

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