Where I've Been To Loves, penelope and telemachus

One of the most exciting parts of my adventure was the cyclops, son of Poseidon. Only I, Odysseus could out smart this foul beast. My men and I made a large spear and drove it through the abomination's eye, then I came up with the idea to hide under the ram's bellies and escape the monster's cave.

My first journey was Troy. You may have heard that I was one of the most valuable warriors out of the army. It was my idea to make the Trojan horse which won us the war, I didn't even need help from the Gods. Poseidon was jealous of me so he is the reason I have been lost at sea

My second destination after the Trojan war was Cicones. In Cicones we raided the village and took women as slaves, we split the gold equally because I am such a loving and caring leader.

We set sail after our successful raid on Cicones, the Northern winds blew my crew and I to Cape Malea. In Cape Malea we met the local inhabitants who were also known as the lotus eaters. They gave me and my crew a flower to eat, Me being the smart strategist I am decided not to eat the flower but my crew did eat the flower. This flower made my crew want to stay on the island so I had to drag them to the ship and chain them to their rowing benches.

After that we stopped at the cave of the cyclops but I couldn't help to tell you at the beginning of my amazing cyclops story so we will skip to my next destination which is the Island of Aeolia. On this island my men and I were thirsty and starving so we wanted food and drinks, but on this island we found something even better. So me being the brave soldier I am, decided to go out and explore. To my surprise I found the God of Wind, He told me that we can make it back home because he doesn't like Poseidon so he gave me a bag of wind which will bring me back home. But as you may know my crew opened the bag of wind and screwed us all over right when we almost made it home.

After that unfortunate event my crew and I landed in the island of Telepylus. I sent some scouts to go see if this island was inhabited....and it was. I hear screams of my men and loud footsteps getting closer by the second. I then realize that we are being chased by Laestrygonians, they pelt rocks at our ships and it sinks all of them but one ship. My ship, they didn't sink my ship because of my amazing luck!

My next stop was the island of Circe. My men climbed this evil enchantresses fortress for food. then she turned them all into pigs! So I climbed her fortress and was given an antidote by the God messenger, Hermes. This potion helped me defeat Circe but to undo the spell she made me do something I deeply regret and hate so much, She said the only way to save my men was to sleep with her. it was the most awful moment in my life. My men were turned back but we were under a spell that made us stay there for several seasons! What a evil woman, so then my men and I set sail once more. Before we sailed she gave us provisions and she told me to go to the depths of hell and to speak to a prophet, not to let my men eat cattle at Thrinikia, That i'm the only one who can hear the sirens voices, and that we will encounter a Charybdis. That information becomes handy later on, if only my men knew as well.

With new knowledge I gained from Circe we sailed to The Land of The Dead to look for the prophet. I had to go into the depths of hell to look for this prophet, literally! I did my sacrifice and got the attention of this blind prophet who told me I will make it back home and to not eat the cattle of the Sun God.

We then encountered sirens, if you don't know what sirens are they are monsters with super good singing and they lure men to their deaths. My men plugged their ears and I was tied to the sails mast and the sirens let me and my men pass! How lucky am I, right? My men were not as lucky the beast known as Scylla swooped down and ate six of my men, this beast scared even me! The foul fiend had six slithery heads and a large body, it was horrifying!

My next journey was the worst in my opinion. after passing the sirens we came across a waterfall and under that waterfall was the vile beast that takes the name of Charybdis. Some of my men couldn't hang on to the boat so they fell down into the Charybdis, they were shredded by its razor sharp teeth. The cries of my men screaming for help was awful and made me sick to the stomach. I held onto a vine, it was the only thing separating me from the Charybdis. Once the Charybdis finished eating my men, I fell into the water. The monster was gone and only a few of my men managed to survive this gruesome ambush.

My few men and I were about to pass a island and my begged at my feet to stay so they can rest, I accepted their request. I knew what island this was, it was the island known as Thirnakia otherwise known as the island of the sun god. So I remembered Circe's words to not eat the cattle. I warned my men not to eat the cattle and they followed my orders. The next morning we made an attempt to set sail but their was a strong wind that prevented us from going. My men were hungry, barely making off with what Circe gave us. A month passed and the wind did not rest, we ran out of food. We were starving and my men could not take it anymore. While I slept my men ate the sun gods cattle. It was a horrid site, it was the last time I would ever see my men. 6 days past and the wind finally stopped. We set sail, everything was normal till the skies darkened and we were smited by Zeus, I knew at some point Zeus would punish my men for their harmful deed. I was left alone and gathered the mast of my boat and floated towards any near island.

I came onto a beautiful island, where I met the Goddess known as Calypso. She had fallen in love with me by first sight, but I remained strong and refused her offer by thinking about you Penelope. I was held as prisoner for 7 years till the God messenger Hermes told Calypso to release me. She begged me to stay but I refused and told her I must go back to Ithaca and see my family

After Calypso released me my raft reached Phaeacia, they clothed and fed me their. They indulged in my stories which I have told you all today and after I told them of my adventures they sent me on a swift boat back to Ithaca, where I finally ended my journey and was reunited with my dear love Penelope and my pride and joy Telemachus.


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