Cesar Chavez

Early Life: Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma, Arizona. Chavez had two brothers and two sisters who all grew up in a small adobe home. His father owned a grocery store and ranch but was all lost during the Great Depression. His family moved to California to become migrant farm workers. In 1942, Chavez dropped out of school in 7th grade to become a fulltime migrant worker so his mom wouldn't work. In 1946, he then joined the the navy for two years to get better skills for when he returned.

Accomplishments: Cesar Chavez accomplishments was him being a founder of one of the organizations that he had fought for and the name that is now named different which is called The United States Farm Workers labor union. Cesar also accomplished that most fields had to have rest periods, clean drinking water, hand washing stations, and last they had to have good clothes for the workers in the fields to protect them from pesticide. He also argued to have health insurance for the workers and families. Before he passed Cesar Chavez greatly accomplished many of the things he wanted to. After his passing his family recieved a Presidential Medal Of Freedom from Bill Clinton.

  • Qualities: Cesar Chavez was a great man who dedicated himself to helping others.
  • Cesar respected others as he was raised to and also was taught to dedicate himself to be hardworking by his parents.
  • Chavez always fought for field workers in the type of enviornment they would have people work in.
  • They would have people work for hours without break in the sun and no water and that's why Cesar Chavez would fight for people he died and he succeded in doing so.
  • He was really dedicated to being a good co-founder for the Farm Workers association.

Death: Chavez had died in his sleep peacefully in Yuma, Arizona on April 23, 1993. Cesar had a lot of food strikes to where he didn't eat for a couple weeks. They now say that all the strikes could be one reason he died at not a very old age. He had fought a lot for farm workers and they made a last march for him when he passed. They now even have a Holiday of Cesar Chavez in some states like California.

SI SE PUEDE - Cesar Chavez ... his favorite quote.

Influence: Cesar Chavez impacted a lot of peoples by helping and being there to do what is right. Cesar influenced field workers to fight for there rights while working on those fields. He led many people on strikes and to march to change the field working ways. He was mostly loved by hispanics because that is all that mostly worked in the fields. The hispanic community loved and adored him for supporting them and defending them in the benefits they should have. Cesar Chavez foundation of Farm Workers influenced people to work for that foundation and fight for the rights.

Conclusion; Cesar Chavez is hardworking, influential, and caring man who did what he thought was right. With the obstacles he faced as a kid moving to multiple schools and cities only making it to the seventh grade working in fields at a young age he came to become an amazing man who people loved. He accomplished his goal in changing the benefits for field workers who would get paid only 5 cents with no breaks. Today farm workers is still a great place where they still help field workers that still have not recieved the benefits they are suppose to. Managers now pay decent money and give fare breaks to the workers and do not take away from there pay checks when they drink water. Cesar Chavez came along way with his company of Farm Workers. Cesar is now resting in peace in Arizona when he passed in his sleep. Cesar Chavez earned a medal of freedom after his passing.





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