Enneagram Exploration A powerful tool to eliminate behaviors getting in the way of your best life

What motivates you?

The Enneagram represents 9 core types that represent a certain world view & perspective. Each of these resonates with the way certain people think, feel & act in relation to the world, other people & themselves. You can think of it as a default muscle - the one you're most used to using.

Who are You?

When you know your core type, you get a deeper understanding of your patterns & behaviors - both those that work and those that keep you stuck (such as stress, over-committing, procrastination, over-working, analysis paralysis, not completing projects, etc). You then have more awareness and choice in regard to other patterns & behaviors that can move you forward both personally & professionally.

Janette's explanation of my Enneagram was the first assessment that ever told me HOW to change my mindset to be more of the person I wanted to be. -BB, California

For Individuals:

I found the Enneagram Assessment very comprehensive - not just an interesting exercise. Because it was comprehensive, I needed Janette to help me go through the assessment. She supported me in bringing in some lesser personality types to soften the more prominent one that dominated my life. I believe the Enneagram and report is a valuable tool to use in business as well as our personal life. PB, Business Owner

For couples:

Assessment + Feedback/Exploration Sessions

This experience has been enlightening, humbling and reinvigorating for my marriage. It has provided me with tools to better understand myself and understand my spouse.

If you know your type or have done one of the free online assessments, you may not have seen your full report. The Integrative9 assessment provides a detailed document showing your core type, sub-type, centers of expression & more. It also provides practical, actionable recommendations just for you.

If you'd like to find out more about the Enneagram Assessment & Feedback Sessions for Individuals or Couples, feel free to contact me by email at janette @ valentinocoaching.com or click here to schedule a free, 30 minute consultation call.

Enneagram Exploration Sessions can be done in person (in Fresno, CA or Santa Cruz, CA) or on Zoom.