Islam Peace be unto you

Muhammed is the founder of Islam but did you know they never show his image anywhere, it is just that sacred. Their religion is so sacred that theres an empty space next to the prophets tomb for Jesus

The Quran likes to reveal its teachings through their primary prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. The Quran is also considered the sacred text of Muhammad. Its meaning in english is recitation.

Now lets break down Allah, get comfortable

Allah is not a prophet, he is the name muslims use for supreme God, he has no shape nor form, he is neither male nor female, he cannot be heard, and he has always existed and will never cease to exist.

Properties of Allah:

Heaven, as seen from the Garden of England

As a muslim, you believe heaven is a place where physical treasures come true. They have a strong belief in predestination. Allah has knowledge of all that will happen but that still doesn't keep people from making choices

There are two types of Muslims, the Sunni and the Shia. The Sunni believe the true successor of Muhammad was his trusted advisor, Abu Bakr. The Shia believe it was supposed to be Muhammads blood relative, Ali (Cousin/son in law)

No, No, and definitely no!

Every Muslim must go to the Mecca at least once inter lifetime as long as they are physically and financially able.

Fun Fact: During Islam's golden age, scientists were paid an equivalent to what pro athletes are paid now!

The Quran is only written in arabic so in order to study it you must learn it.
Islam is prominent in northern and central Africa and the majority of the middle east, a few parts of France and is most prominent in Michigan, California, and along the east cost. It was very popular with the Turks and in a few parts of the Byzantine empire.

The Muslim religion began in the present day Mecca and spread to the surrounding areas in the middle east then spread up from northern Egypt and to the rest of the eastern half of the world and lastly across to America.

The impact Arab Americans and Muslims have had on American culture is indescribable. The muslim people have especially brought more diversity and understanding in the University/college system adding a supreme knowledge and intellect to their environments. Not to mention how great their food is.

Despite how welcoming Muslims are to American people, the level of diversity their culture has causes some Americans to misinterpret their mannerisms. This leads terroristic metaphors and fear of the islamic peoples. The impact Muslims have on America has been mostly positive and would stay mostly positive if Americans did not irresponsibly provocate them.


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