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Reconstruction begins

Reconstruction is the United States trying to unite the confederacy and the union together. Reconstruction is extremely important because the whole South was in ruins. Without reconstruction the USA wouldstay separated and that would create a weaker country. Texas and the whole south in general was in ruins, completely wiped out from the war. Reconstruction needs to happen now and fast!

Two Presidents, two plans

The original plan for reconstruction was created by Abraham Lincoln. It only required 10% of all confederate states to vote that they wanted to rejoin the United States and were sorry they left in the first place. Before he got the chance to set his plan in motion Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Now the reconstruction plan has been altered by our new president Andrew Johnson, his plan was more strict and required more from the states. All confederate states have to agree to three terms: nullify their act of succession, follow the 13th amendment, and acknowledge that the USA would not pay their debts front he war. The southern states preferred Lincolnshire plan, but i still think all confederate states will cooperate with the new plan.

Happy Juneteenth!! Slaves are freed!

Gordon Granger is a unionist who has been chosen to take charge of Texas after the war. He came with a union force to lead Texas after the war. His first act was to declare all slaves in Texas free. Juneteenth is a holiday created when all African Americans became free. Juneteenth is exciting and filled with parties and celebrations. Congress has now created the Freedman's Bureau to help all former slaves find jobs, educate them, and issue clothing for the poor, sick, and elderly. It also founded schools for African American to learn what to read and write.

The new governor of Texas

Johnson has appointed Andrew j. Hamilton as the first governor of Texas after the civil war. His choice was based on Hamilton's status as a unionists who is originally front he south. His first job as governor is to get Texas back into the United States; Hamilton has now began putting together a committee to write the new constitution. Almost all of the delegates attending the constitutional convention were ex-confederate who support succession. This convention is extremely biased because there are only a few supporters of African American rights and no African Americans at all. How much more biased can it get?

The New Constitution Completed

Well its not much of a NEW constitution, more like an edited version of our last one. It has followed all the points of Johnson's plan, but has not allowed many rights to African Americans. The ex-confederates have refused to grant African Americans the right to vote, holding public office, serving in juries, or testifying against a white man in court. Now they have installed black codes, which limit the rights of African Americans in the many ways stated above.

Johnson vs. Congress

Congress is now fighting to take control of the reconstruction and make the plan much more complicated for the southern states. They believe that Johnson's plan is not hard enough on the south and that it's not working -because it's not- and want to control the reconstruction themselves. Radical republicans are republicans who believe that congress should control the reconstruction. These radical republicans have taken over in congress, by kicking out all of the southern senators and now have overruled all of Johnson's vetos and started their own reconstruction.

Radical republicans take control

The radical reconstruction has begun! Congress's new plan now requires all states attempting to re-enter the United States to follow fourteenth and fifteenth amendment, which states all African a,Eric as must have rights to vote, hold office, and be equal to all whites. They have also separated the south into military districts, and Texas falls in the fifth district along with Louisiana. They has also made all white men in Texas take the Ironclad Oath which states they did not voluntarily serve in Teheran confederate army, nor aid the confederacy in any way, very few Texans will take the oath even if it is out of sheer pride. Will you take the oath?

Freedmen get the vote!

All freedmen can now legally vote! All thanks to general Charles Griffin who registered many male freedmen to vote all across Texas. Nearly 50,000 freedmen have been registered to vote in less then a year! But, now we have another problem, the Klu Klux Klan; a group of white men who formed a group and use violence and terror to against African Americans and union supporters. The KKK strongly opposed carpetbagger snd scalawags because they supported reconstruction and/or the union, therefore the KKK also went after people who fell into these catagories.

KKK attack, what really happened?

Three disguised men enter trinity county in 1868, everyone knows they're there, but no one says a word. Still the terrorizing group finds a few freedmen after dark and murder them, leaving the bodies for all to see. Soon they force many African American unregistered voters to register as democrats, threatening their wives, children, friends, and other family members. They also intimidated many other federal officers and other powerful people and soon had control of many people like puppets on strings.

Reconstruction completion!

Reconstruction is over after many trials and tribulations, on March 30, 1870, Texas has been entered into to the United States again. Many of the white people in Texas are angry because Davis the new governor has changed many things, for example he has enacted a state police force who attack and bully many Texans, he has also added over $2 to taxes in Texas. Many of the freedmen and their families have settled on unowned lands and started small towns in the outskirts of Texas. They have begun doing this in hopes that the KKK will not come and attack them. Now in 1872 democrats have regained their stance in the Texas legislature and are quickly overthrowing republicans. As the republicans regain their power, Davis the governor, tries to stay in power, but is easily removed from office. Now with the republicans in control of Texas, it will be like the reconstruction never even happened...

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