Online Reputation By Sarah ressas

Online reputation means taking control of how you look like to others online. It's about how your profile looks like to others. When you go for a job interview, the first thing they are going to want to do is search your name online and see what pops up. They will go through your photos, your tweets, your Instagram posts, everything. You always want to make sure you are fine posting whatever your posting online and you have no problem with others seeing it. If you want to post something but you're not sure if you want to because of how people are going to see it then just don't. You also always want to remember that whatever you put online will stay there. Even if you decide to delete it 5 minutes after, people probably would've already saw it and you can't take it back. Some might have also already took screenshots. Always be careful.

6 steps to managing your online reputation:

1. Always search yourself

2. Make sure you keep private things private

3. Write decent profiles

4. Think before you click

5. Always be polite

6. Make sure your profile is private and only people you want to view your profile can

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