Gracie Lowe's Portfolio Photography 1

Rule Of Thirds

My picture takes up ⅔ of the picture. The rule of thirds says that you have to have leading lines. The branches are the leading to the flowers, then the pole, then grass, then building. To follow the rule of thirds your picture has to have leading lines and has to take ⅔ of the picture. My picture takes up most of the page and it follows the leading lines rule

Leading Lines

Leading lines are the lines that lead the eye to another part of the picture. Or on some occasions out of the picture depending on how good the photo is. Anything with a good line can be a considered a leading line. The board is leading down to Kaitlin. My pictures all have lines leading to something close or to a vanishing point.


A lens for taking photographs unusually close to the subject. Without using macro lens and without being close to the picture i wouldn’t have ever known that there was a little red flower in the flower. You can see that there is little things inside of the flower. When you’re close to the flower you see the holes and the dots on the flower.


Monochrome is a black and white picture. Monochrome uses many different colors of black and white for contrast. Monochrome is a photograph or picture developed or changed into black and white or in varying tones of only one color. If you add highlight to the picture it will lighten the picture. Your eyes lead to the darker part of the picture then to the lighter picture. If you add contrast to the picture it makes is darker sometimes. The triangle of interest leads you to her beautiful face.


A portrait is a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.This picture is only showing his head shoulders and arms. The intent of a portrait is to display the personality, and the mood of the person.

Still Life

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