Josephine Ghiringhelli Psychic Medium


Josephine Ghiringhelli

Renowned psychic medium Josephine Ghiringhelli has spent decades using her unique gift to bring hope and understanding to those who have lost family or friends, receiving information from spirits who have crossed over and delivering messages to loved ones that are still living.

Josephine has chosen metaphysics as her life's journey, and has always incorporated its philosophies into her everyday life. She has touched the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life. Her sincerity, honesty and pure heart have always been her strengths.

As a psychic, medium, lecturer, and vessel of guidance to the growing number of people who have found their way to Josephine over the years, she has seen lives change due to her God-gifted ability to communicate with loved ones crossed over.

"Josephine is 'the real deal,' and I am grateful to her. She is a true 'light-giver!' I recommend her highly and several others I sent to her also found her to be astounding as well!" -Malibu Sue, Morning Radio Host, 6a-10a WLIR-FM (92.7, 98.5)
"She is truly blessed with a gift and ability that brings much love and comfort to all that are around her." - Carol. M. Baldwin
"We appreciate the time that Josephine has spent with our radio family and we are confident that her talent and abilities have given light to many of our listeners who were in need of her guidance." -John Caracciolo, President and CEO of JVC Broadcasting Long Island Radio
"Thank you Josephine for the high-quality metaphysical courses you taught for Hofstra's University College for Continuing Education this semester. Our students were very impressed by the way you integrated complex material and helped them understand their own experiences in relation to the subject matter." -Marion Flomenhaft, Director of Arts, Culture and Leisure at Hofstra University
"I had a reading with Josephine. She is fabulous, gifted, has a lot of integrity, is authentic and the 'real deal.' I highly recommend her!!!" - Donna Drake, TV Show Host of "Live it Up", President of Drake media Network, Inc.

Help Josephine to Connect More people with their Deceased loved ones

Josephine worked for years as the resident psychic on radio stations such as WLIR-FM (92.7, 98.5), WMJC-FM (94.3), WKTU-FM (203.5), and most recently at WHUD-FM (100.7), where she read live on air for people who called in to receive messages from their loved ones crossed over.

Now, as Josephine continues her journey, she will host her latest radio show, leaving even more of a positive mark on the world as she connects with additional callers.

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