Liberty University Age-Based Curfew Lily Sivesind

Beginning at age twenty, students at Liberty University should not be required to follow all curfew policies.
With allowing students the curtesy of earning their authorities trust, it will allow for more respect in the relationship

When entering college and reaching adulthood, students are maturing to the age of young adults. College is an important time for them to learn how things work for themselves, away from home.

If Resident Assistants could allow students to have freedom while still holding them accountable for their actions, it would benefit both parties in multiple ways.

Students would feel less restrained, and it would allow for a better relationship with authority.

It is unfair to place all students under the same idea that they will all bend the rules until they break them. If the rules were individualized from one student to another, the blame and the punishments would be more rational.

If Liberty students over the age of 20 were able to be trusted and tested with this trust, it would allow for better opportunities for relationships with their authority.

Students would not feel As compelled to lie or break Any rules, they would be able to make ground rules on their own, and figure out what works best for them.
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Lily Sivesind


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