Abortion The argument between pro-life and pro-Choice

pro-life believes that no matter what, the baby has the right to live.
Pro-choice believes that woman have the right to choose if they want the baby.

I am pro-choice because it is more harmful towards the community to not have free access to abortions.

Most people still believe that abortions can have lasting effect on women’s reproductive health. This is simply a myth. The procedure that is used has little to no side effects for the patient (Belluck).

It has been proven that after an abortion a woman’s fertility is still normal and her chances of having a miscarriage do not increase because of the procedure. An abortion has little to no effect on women’s health (Belluck).

In the summer of 2012, Rwanda outlawed the use of abortion in all cases. Many female were then imprisoned for getting illegal abortions. This not only lead to imprisonment but also many health concerns. These women were not getting proper treatment anymore from their abortions because they had to keep it hidden. Many of the equipment used was not sterilized and the procedures weren’t done by trained professionals. These issues lead to an out roar within the female community. From prison, they started a movement of protests outside the capitol building and marches that lead in the streets. Eventually, the Rwanda government had no choice but to overturn their ruling and allow women the right to choose (Umuhoza).

This pertains to the United States because if the government did outlaw abortion, riots and protest might occur. Also, the same health concerns would appear in the U.S. because of the illegal abortion practices.

The main issue is when does a human become human. We simply will never able to definitively prove this one way or the other. This simply is based upon someone’s religion or background.

This leads me to say that this issue becomes a matter of separation of church and state. Laws should not be made based upon religion but on logic and empirical evidence. So, the woman should choose based upon her religion and beliefs. She should not be forced to do something based upon someone else’s religion. She should have the right to choose what to do with her body.


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