Wildfires In Chile


Blazes: fires extended into larger fires

Forest Services: people made to help t

How have foreign countries aided in the help of the wildfire in Chile?

Bill Gabbert wrote on the website WildFire Today that several European countries sent over 50 firefighters to helps put down the fire, several countries from Central America have put together firefighters to send to Chile as well to help the fire. Robbie Gramer quoted on Foreign Policy “Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz said Canada and the United States offered to help, as did Russia. Russia already sent a super-tanker aircraft capable of dumping tons of water on fire to Chile to combat the flames” Other countries are sending men and offering their help to Chile.

What was loss in the wildfire in Chile?

The wildfire in Chile killed at least 11 people, destroyed 1000s of homes, along with taking away the area about the size of New York times by 3. “It is hard to believe that those vines, which you have taken care of with such love and sacrifice, are lost, along with part of the viticultural patrimony of Chile, because of a voracious fire caused by careless men,” Due to people creating the Wildfire in Chile many people have lost homes and some have even lost lives to the wildfire.

How far did the wildfire in Chile go?

DW News has said that 3641 miles of forest has been destroyed by the fires. “Daniela Lorenzo Bürger’s vineyard in Maule was also caught in the fire’s path of destruction wrote on facebook” ‘Complete houses, complete vineyards with centuries-old vines, animals and native forests have been destroyed,’. Due to this horrible fire in Chile people are losing their homes their and they have nowhere to go after they have lost everything.

Where do refugees go after wildfires?

When syria had a Jillian Kestler-D'Amours a reporter says that Canada took in 27000 refugees from syria when they had nowhere to go. Independent News wrote an article written by Siobhan Fenton he says “Since November 2015, Canada has accepted more than 25,000 Syrian refugees. It has also contributed an estimated 1 billion dollars in aid for humanitarian relief efforts.” It is clear that Canada is taking in people and helping people when the Syria fire came about. Aiding them and helping them in their struggle.

Will we be able to determine the origin point of the wildfire in Chile?

Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile says "Because there are multiple points of origin, we cannot dismiss the possibility that there might be an intentional component here," Foreign policy Robbie Gramer says that officers says that the point of origin is more than 1 and may have been set internationally.


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